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Have you ever tried scouring the many Fantasy Football sites out there to gain an edge on your competition, only to be overwhelmed with the amount of content (both good and bad)?

Well, every week, we will be providing a list of hot articles that can help you with your draft prep.

Playing the waiver wire and roster management are critical for Fantasy success, but everything starts with a great draft.

Today, we wanted to share some of the best advice around the web about preparing for 2017 Fantasy Football drafts.

From actual mock drafts to players being overvalued, we have everything you need to dominate your league, right here.

2017 Fantasy Football Articles

So-Called Fantasy Experts: Let The Draft Shenanigans Begin!

The So-Called Fantasy Experts staff recently competed in a grueling 16-round draft, and we all agreed that the running back position is not that deep this year. You can find out our analysis and where rookies like Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette are being drafted, right here.

Gridiron Experts: MFL10 Draft Strategy

Speaking of drafts, Hunter Gibbon of Gridiron Experts just came out with a great guide on how to win your MFL10 leagues this year. You’ll want to check out his tips and strategy advice before your next MFL10 draft, so make sure to read the guide. 2017 Customized Fantasy Football Draft Boards

I love all Fantasy Football drafts, but nothing compares to a live draft with friends and family. Smack talk, beer, and food are all staples of a great draft experience. However, we can’t forget about the actual draft boards that make everything possible. David Gonos provides five reasons why you need this board at your 2017 Fantasy Football draft. Fantasy Football Draft Tips

Fantasy Football can be intimidating if you’re new. Aside from having to research the players, you have to learn about scoring structures, how trade works, and . If this is the first year you’re playing Fantasy Football or you just need a quick refresher on how to prepare for a draft, check out this article today. 5 Running Backs Being Overvalued

You need to take a few risks in your draft to win your league, but you also need to know who to avoid. As I mentioned earlier, the running back position is shallow this year. Top-tier backs are going to be flying off the board, which means some players are going to panic and draft backs like Spencer Ware way too early. Here’s why Ware and four other running backs are being overvalued. Average Draft Position

When you have an idea of when a player is drafted, you won’t have to reach when it’s your turn to pick. Success in a draft all starts with knowing ADP data. 2017 Fantasy Football Rankings

Jake Ciely of RotoExperts just came out with an updated rankings list for the 2017 Fantasy Football season. I really like that he broke it down by PPR and standard scoring leagues. Before your next draft, make sure to check it out.  Under The Radar Breakout Candidates

You always have to be forward looking in dynasty leagues. In this article from Dynasty Football Factory, you will learn about three players being overlooked who you might want to consider adding in your dynasty league.


Finally, make sure to check out this great video on rankings and value drafting.


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