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This week on the SCFE Fantasy Baseball Podcast, Joe Bond came on to talk about all things pitching. The pitching stock market has been all over so far this year and if you make the right, smart moves now it can pay off big time in September. Beating your chest is said to also help when it comes to making these moves.

It’s be a strange start to the year overall for pitching. For starters Clayton Kershaw has a 4.24 ERA. Shelby Miller has only given up 8 hits in the last 25 innings. See, things are a bit odd right now.

We went over who we think is tops when it comes to pitchers and I give my sleeper Cy Young winner. Hint: it’s Zack Greinke. I even explain how I think he can win it. All he has to do is play the Max Scherzer role to Kershaw’s Verlander from a few seasons ago. And just keep winning.

We highlight Gerrit Cole and Sonny Gray who we’ve been pleasantly surprised by and try and figure out if Dallas Keuchel and Collin McCugh are the same person. Their stats are erily similar last season and are both off to great starts this season. Maybe it’s a multiple personality thing like from Fight Club. Has one of them been going to sleep earlier and earlier every night?

Looking for buy low candidates? We’ve got a few you might want to consider. In our minds Carlos Carrasco and even James Shields fit the bill.

There are a lot of injured pitchers out there heading back to the mound soon and you’re probably wondering what to do with them. We’ve got you covered on that front. We even discuss how droppable Hisashi Iwakuma is at this point. Jamie Garcia was another topic of conversation since he is finally back in the Cardinals rotation. We end this podcast with the required Noah Syndergaard talk because I have bought a lot of his stock this season.

We even have asked you, the readers/listeners/fans to help us name our podcast so if you’ve got something catchy tweet it to us. You can find me @TheRealTravioli and you can find Joe @FantasySixpack. You’ll get all that and more on this week’s edition of the SCFE Fantasy Baseball Podcast!

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