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In an avalanche of stories the Cleveland Browns started on the first day of free agency, the signing of a physical outside threat at WR somehow went quietly under the radar.Of course, when a team makes moves like the Browns did all in one day, it’s easy for signings like Kenny Britt to slip under the radar.

With Terrelle Pryor leaving Cleveland for Washington, signing Britt makes a lot of sense. They have similar skill sets, and if Josh Gordon ever finds his way back, a Britt-Gordon-Corey Coleman receiving trio would not be too shabby.

Regardless of who is throwing the ball, Britt is a capable receiver who is willing to fight for the ball. This style of play might come in handy when the ball-flinging options on the team are Cody Kessler and Brock Osweiler.

Britt is no stranger to lackluster quarterbacking either. While enjoying the best statistical season of his career, he endured the uninspiring Case Keenum, and dealt with the rookie struggles of Jarred Goff.

Regardless of who is leading the Browns at quarterback, Britt proved last season that he is able to produce at a Fantasy-relevant level. Even more so with the perpetual rumors of trading for Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Cleveland Browns Land Kenny Britt

Is Kenny Britt a Worthwhile Addition to Your Fantasy Team?

Last season, Britt put up very respectable while having two underwhelming quarterbacks feeding him the ball. A 1,002 yard season and five touchdowns is solid considering he played for a team that ranked 31st in passing yards, 32nd in passing touchdowns, and 27th in pass attempts according to Pro Football Reference. Goff and Keenum combined for a 58.2% completion rate and threw 20 interceptions. Simply put, the Rams were one of the worst, if not the worst passing offenses in the NFL in 2016.

Unfortunately, Britt’s Fantasy prospects don’t look that much better in Cleveland. Hue Jackson’s squad ranked dead last in passing touchdowns and completed 59.6% of their passes. However, they did rank 21st in passing yards, per Pro Football Reference. There isn’t a whole lot of excitement about the prospects of Osweiler improving the passing game either. That is, if he even stays with the team.

The best way for Britt’s Fantasy outlook to improve is for his new team to use some of the draft picks acquired to make a move for someone like Garoppolo. The Browns will need to make an aggressive move to really convince me that Britt will be able to improve on his numbers from last season.

When to Draft and What to Expect

At the time of this writing, has an ADP around the end of the 10th round in standard leagues. In my opinion, this right where he belongs, alongside players like Kevin White. He is a talented WR that really has not seen a quarterback that can really utilize his talents as a downfield threat.

As it stands, with Kessler and Osweiler as the quarterback options, I would say Britt is looking at a season of around 900 yards, 60 receptions, and 3-4 touchdowns. If the Browns make a move for someone like Tony Romo or Garoppolo, I’d say that his season looks more like 1,100 yards, 80 receptions, and 6-7 touchdowns. At this point, it’s wait and see for what the Browns do as the offseason progresses before a complete understanding of Kenny Britt’s potential is really known.


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