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It’s opening BLEEPING day y’all! It is time for DraftKings Picks for April 3.

After months and months of waiting and reading or listening to that seasonal nonsense, we get into what matters most, the daily game.

It’s all about salaries for this guy. It’s about who to chase and who to fade and I’m not talking about you folks who live in Denver who actually get faded, legally.

Hopefully, you took a few minutes and read my primer for short game slates here. Well if you did, forget all of that because today we focus on a nine game slate.

So here we go. Here are my DraftKings Picks for April 3.

DraftKings Picks For April 3


I’m simply going to give you a high priced option and a mid-tier option. I wouldn’t get crazy in cash games. Spend up at pitching and as far as tournaments are concerned, it’s anyone’s guess.

Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Diego Padres ($12,800) (PIMP)


It’s not the playoffs so Kershaw is a great piece of ass (kicking) for today! He’s expensive but if you like the finer things in life, he’s your man. If the Padres are anything like the ’16 Padres, we are in for a fun night!

Jon Gray, Colorado Rockies at Milwaukee Brewers ($7,800)

This will be a theme with me this year. I will be targeting Rockies pitchers outside of Coors. Even though Milwaukee is hitter friendly, the Brewers weren’t last year. Plus they did this whole “Don’t let me down” video this year.


This is going to be a straight-up punt position today. Save your money!

Tucker Barnhart, Cincinnati Reds vs. Philadelphia Phillies ($2,700)


Honestly, I don’t know if this is an actual picture of Tucker Barnhart. I’m going to assume it is. So, say something nice…He um is a switch hitter. Seriously, punt catcher!

Russell Martin, Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles ($3,900)

I don’t know why you want to pay up here, but if you must, Martin bats sixth and on this slate that is the highest projected spot in any lineup. Almost all of the other catchers bat near the bottom. Hence why we are punting.


First Base

Adam Duvall, Cincinnati Reds vs. Philadelphia Phillies ($4,000)

Duvall has been a beast this spring and we don’t expect that to stop against the Motown Phillies! Love me some Duvall today.

Victor Martinez, Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox ($3,500)

The price is really good here. VMart has two home run potential anytime he plays and with everyone looking at some guy named Miguel Cabrera, VMart always makes for a sneaky play. It also makes the Tigers a pain to stack. VMart hasn’t really had the best spring, so buyer beware.


Second Base

Jorge Polanco, Minnesota Twins vs. Kansas City Royals ($3,000)


Polanco is slated to bat second on opening day. I still don’t trust Danny Duffy despite how well he pitched last season and the WBC. Therefore, I’ll take my shot on Polanco since he is affordable and is batting second. Remember it’s opening day so it’s tough to get a great sample size.

DJ Lemahieu, Colorado Rockies at Milwaukee Brewers ($4,300)

Picking up right where he left off, DJ is batting .316 this spring and even has a swipe. I’ll be targeting this game as a game stack and you can bet DJ will be in the mix. If you are paying up at second base, I love DJ today.


Third Base

Maikel Franco, Philadelphia Phillies at Cincinnati Reds ($4,200)


Franco has been knocking the cover off the ball this spring. He is among the league leaders in home runs this spring. He’s been batting fourth, so the opportunities should be there.

JaCoby Jones, Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox ($2,700)

This is a great punt option in my opinion. This guy is slated to bat second and comes at some much-needed cap relief to allow us to fit that Clayton Kershaw fella. Plus, he used to play for the Baltimore Ravens?


Trevor Story, Colorado Rockies at Milwaukee Brewers ($4,600)


Now it is time for my man crush, Trevor Story. He’s only hit five home runs this spring but like I said before, I’ll stack the Rockies in Milwaukee with no issues.

Raul Mondesi, Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins ($2,400)

Extreme punt play alert. You really shouldn’t be punting shortstop on this slate, but if you are let’s really punt. This play is strictly for tournaments only and only if you are in dire need of cap relief. There are plenty of great mid-tier options here so don’t get cute.



Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles vs. Toronto Blue Jays ($4,300)


Adam Jones was the hero at the World Baseball Classic and I just feel he is locked in. His salary won’t kill you and neither will the park or his spot in the order.

Andrew Benintendi, Boston Red Sox vs. Pittsburgh Pirates ($3,700)

There’s a reason the Red Sox believe in this phenom. This spring he has hit three home runs and his 11 RBIs. Not good enough? He is batting .344 and will be hitting second in the order. He hits in a great hitters park as well. The price is excellent so get him in.

Adam Eaton, Washington Nationals vs. Miami Marlins ($4,100)

Coming over from the White Sox, Eaton is going to bat lead-off on a team which should be much more potent offensively. He will have great protection around him and should be able to score a lot of runs. Once again, it’s early in the season but I do like Eaton today.


Top Stacks

So the stacking rules have changed a bit on DraftKings and I’m not quite sure if this makes me a sad panda (not like Pablo Sandoval)? We can only stack five hitters versus six from last year, but here are today’s top stacks in my opinion. If you can believe it, the Reds and Phillies have the highest implied total today.

  • Washington Nationals
  • Cincinnati Reds
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Philadelphia Phillies (Yeah, I said it)


Best of luck today and I hope you enjoyed my DraftKings Picks for April 3.

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