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Welcome to the DraftKings Picks for April 6.

SCFE is here to help you break down the slate and make your DraftKings picks for April 6. Thursday brings eight day games and four night games, but I’ll evaluate the day as a whole, and leave it up to you if you want to play the early, late, or both slates.

Remember to check each team’s roster to make sure players are in the game’s lineup, and check injury reports to see if anyone is questionable or nursing a nagging injury which might change your mind.

Keep an eye on the weather as well, especially as early season rain outs are a common occurrence, and heavy rain is expected along the East Coast.

We have 13 games to pick from on April 6, so lets jump in and start finding value! Each of the possible pitching picks brings the potential for both upside and heartache, as each had strong points and flaws last season.

DraftKings Picks For April 6


Matt Harvey, NYM vs. ATL ($8,100)


Once, you would have crawled over broken glass to pay $8,000 for Matt Harvey. Now, however, we don’t know if we’ll get the Burt Ward Batman or Christian Bale Dark Knight on the mound. Last year was ugly, but there were points for hope: a 7.38 K/9, 2.4 BB/9, HR/9 of 0.78, and he kept the ball on the ground nearly 41% of the time, keeping hard contact at 30%. He had an unusually high BABIP and a respectable FIP/X-FIP.

Mets fans are hoping last year was a blip, more the result of injuries and bad luck, and for $8,100 against the Atlanta offense, I’m willing to gamble with them, as this price point leaves a lot of room for upside over salary.

John Lackey, CHC vs. STL ($9,200)

With a WHIP of 1.07 and a K/9 of 8.71 and 24.1K%, Lackey posted strong numbers all season. However, he is a year older, and he benefited from a BABIP of .255 and a LOB% of 76%. On the other hand, the “experts” have been predicting Lackey’s demise for years now, and he keeps posting very solid numbers. The Cardinals struck out at a 21.1% rate against Righties last year, but they also posted an ISO of .193, and Lackey’s one major weakness was the long ball. But it’s a cold day in St. Louis and Vegas has the Redbirds at only 3.7 runs, so Lackey seems the safest option on the day.

Blake Snell, TB vs. TOR ($7,100)


It’s very hard to pass up the kind of K upside a pitcher like Snell brings for such a low price tag: K/9 of 9.91, 24.4 K% and a HR/9 of 0.51. On the other hand, if Snell doesn’t strike out the hitter, he usually walks him (BB/9 5.16, Whip 1.62). Oh and he’s facing the Blue Jays. However, the Jays may scare away a lot of people, and most scouts are expecting Snell to take a step forward this season, keeping the K rate but gaining better control. I’d stay far away in cash games, but Snell is exactly the kind of second pitcher you need to win a GPP.  He’s a risk, but there is plenty of room for reward.

Other Pitchers I Like

  • Brandon McCarthy, LAD vs. SD ($7200) (if he pitches take him over Snell—still unclear as of this writing)
  • Joe Musgrove, HOU vs. SEA ($7,000)



Yasmani Grandal, LAD vs. SD ($3,600)


Grandal always has a chance for a multiple HR game, as we saw on opening day (and several times last year). If you can pay up, take him as Vegas has the Dodgers at five runs already, and Jered Weaver and his HR/9 of 1.87 is lobbing them in against LAD.

Jett Bandy, MIL vs. COL ($2,800)

Catcher is a traditional punt spot, and Brandy had a few nice days for the Angles last season. He’s now in a Home Run hitter’s park, and facing a Rockies Rookie who spent last season in Double-A. A sensible punt.

Other Catchers I Like

  • Kyle Schwarber CHC at STL ($4,400)


First Basemen

Adrian Gonzalez, LAD vs. SD ($3,800)


Adrian Gonzalez can really put a hurting on right handers, and he’s facing a weak one in Jered Weaver in the middle of a strong Dodger’s offense. There is plenty of room for value from HRs, Runs and RBI at this price point in this game

Other First Baseman I Like

  • Miguel Cabrera, DET at CWS ($4,800)
  • Travis Shaw, MIL vs. COL ($3,600)
  • Steve Pearce, TOR at TB ($3,200)


Second Basemen

Daniel Murphy, WSH vs. MIA ($4,600)

Murphy has an ISO of over 200 against both splits, and Tom Koehler’s lack of control (BB/9 4.23) and the 22 dingers he gave up last year, combined with Trea Turner and Bryce Harper surrounding Murphy in the lineup equals a recipe for pain for Miami.

Ian Kinsler, DET at CWS ($4,300)


Kinsler had a monster season last year (28 HRs, 117 runs, wOBA .356, ISO .196, wRC+ 123) but he seemed to fly under the radar. Keep him on your radar this year, especially against Home Run magnet James Shields.

Other Second Basemen I Like

  • Neil Walker, NYM vs. ATL ($3,500)


Third Basemen

Justin Turner, LAD vs. SD ($3,600)

Turner forms the core of a powerful LA offense, but he has been a monster in his own right the past few seasons. Every year DK starts out pricing him low, and by the end of the year he’s always above $4,000 (27 HRs, ISO .218, wOBA 353 and wRC+ 124 last season). Buy him cheap while you can.

Jonathan Villar, MIL vs. COL ($4,600)


Villar is a threat to go deep and steal a bag based on his 19 HRs and 62 SBs last season. This is the type of player you dream about in DFS. Facing a Colorado pitcher straight from Double-A ball just makes him dreamier.

Other Third Basemen I Like

  • Jose Reyes, NYM  vs. ATL ($3,900)
  • Travis Shaw, MIL vs. COL ($3,600)



Trea Turner, WSH vs. MIA ($4,800)


Turner looks to be everything that was promised. Like Villar, he can run and go yard. Although he was more productive against Righties last year, his numbers vs. Southpaws should improve this year, and the Washington core has the potential to explode this afternoon, especially if Koehler stays true to his form and walks half the ball park.

Corey Seager, LAD vs. SD ($4,300)

The NL Rookie of the Year in 2016 is the real deal, and at $600 less than Turner, he is actually a deal today. Jered Weaver’s HR/9 of 1.87 and all around poor advanced metrics justify Vegas’ favoring of the LAD offense, and Seager is the best piece of that tasty pie.

Other Shortstops I like

  • Asdrubal Cabrera, NYM vs. ATL ($3,600)



Jay Bruce, NYM vs. ATL ($3,500)

Bruce came into the season with a plan to hit more flyballs, and his 2017 hot start has made the Mets faithful forget his poor debut after last season’s trade. Bruce is a streaky hitter, and has two productive games to start the season.

Yoenis Cespedes, NYM vs. ATL ($4,300)


Lefties are like luxury cars for Yoenis Cespedes; he owns them and drives them all over the park (vs. L SLG .624, OPS 1.081, ISO .282, wRC+ 183). He’s made good contact, and has shown patience in his first two games (two BB). Jamie Garcia may be the perfect pitcher for him to take for a ride with a HR/9 of 1.36.

Joc Pederson, LAD vs. SD ($3,700)

Like the other Dodgers, Joc Pederson is priced too low and has too much power in a game with a Vegas run line of five against Jered Weaver. Bet on Vegas and take the oddly low priced LAD bats.

Other Outfielders I like

  • Bryce Harper, WSH vs. MIA ($5,000)
  • Trea Turner, WSH vs. MIA ($4,800)
  • Andrew Toles, LAD vs. SD ($2,800)
  • Ryan Braun, MIL vs. COL ($5,000)
  • Michael Conforto, NYM vs. ATL ($3,500)


Well, there are your Draftkings Picks for April 6. Join us back tomorrow as we provide more draftkings picks.

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