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April 14 brings an eventful slate of MLB action, and SCFE has your DraftKings Picks For April 14.

DraftKings has a mix of contests today, with one full slate, and two daytime and evening slates pairing. With the three aces pitching today, salary cap considerations are going to be as important as any other element in your DFS choices. You will need to make an important choice between trying to fit two great pitchers within a lineup or pairing a stud with the chance of a dud to fit in your most wanted bats.

As usual, make sure to check final lineups, injury reports, and weather reports before submitting your final rosters.

Then check Vegas run totals and money lines for each game, to help you pick pitchers and hitters.

Finally, review all the other SCFE articles and podcasts to be fully informed to build the best rosters you can!

DraftKings Picks For April 14


Talk about rich man’s problems. Today we have four to six legitimate front line starters on the hill. The only problem is can we find a way to make our payroll flexible to take the ones we want (which is all of them in case you just landed on the planet from outer space).

Stephen Strasburg , WSH vs PHI ($10,800)

Yes. Yes please. That is what Fantasy owners say to a guy who had a K/9 of 11.5 and a K% of 30.6 last year. His Ks are a tad bit lower this season so far, but he’s is also managing contact better and gets the Phillies. A price point of 10.8K is almost always a bargain for this strike out machine.

Noah Syndergaard, NYM vs MIA ($11,400)

Speaking of strikeout machines, Noah Syndergaard was known as Thor, the god of lighting last year for his 100-plus mph fastballs and K/9 of 11.3 and K% of 33%. Oh, and this year he added a 95-97 mph slider and a two-seam fastball to his bag of war hammers. The Miami batters went 16 innings last night, and Robert  Gsellman struck out five in four innings; what do you think a strikeout god can do to them?

Clayton Kershaw, LAD vs ARI ($13,500)

Was I talking about Strikeout gods? Oh, wait a guy named Clayton Kershaw is facing Arizona, a team with one of the higher K rates in the game. Kershaw has been the best pitcher in baseball for years now, and he does not seem to be slowing down.

Johnny Cueto, SF vs COL ($11,600)

Cueto has been un-hittable at times (K/9, K 22.6%) but of all the Olympians on the mound today, he is the most mortal. Honestly I cannot see paying more for him than for Thor, Strasburg, or even Julio Tehran (in ATL), so if you need to fade one of these monsters, I think J.C is the one to pass on.

Other Pitchers I Like

  • Rick Porcello, BOS vs. TB ($9,400)
  • Julio Teheran, ATL vs SD ($8,500)



With the pitchers on the mound tonight, I am going to be punting this position, trying to find the best bet under $3k.  There are too many too list, but with the pitchers you see above, saving payroll is paramount. If you need to pay up, take Perez.

Salvador Perez, KC vs OAK ($3,400)

Perez already has four HRs in four games, for a wild ISO of .419 (.191 2016). But did you know his BABIP is only .227?  Thus, it is possible to argue Perez has actually been unlucky so far in 2017.

First Basemen

Lucas Duda, NYM vs MIA ($3,500)

In 2014 Duda hit 30 HRs for the Mets, and in 2015 he popped 27 before getting injured in 2016. He is back, healthy and faces a fully depleted Marlin’s bullpen (pitched 13 innings last night–one of the reasons to look at a Mets stack today).  Duda’s low cost and great power can help you fit in the pitchers that are going to make or break the GPP winners tonight.

Freddy Freeman, ATL vs. SD ($4,600)

Freeman is the more expensive, more talented version of Lucas Duda, and he get’s a softer pitcher tonight as well. Over the past year and a half, we have learned Freeman can hit anyone (2016 ISO .267 wOBA .402 SLG .569). He has had a two-HR game this season as well, but costs $1,100 more than Duda.

Other First Basemen I Like

  • Ryan Zimmerman, WSH vs PHI


Second Basemen

Daniel Murphy, WSH vs PHI ($4,600)

Well, we all know what Murphy is capable of. He is currently tied with Mike Trout for the highest WAR of the season, and is the key piece of a Washington stack. However, with all the expensive pitching, and other games with big run totals, (and several players coming off double dong games) you may actually be able to get the Murph at low ownership tonight. That is a rare thing indeed.

Brian Dozier, MIN vs CWS ($4,700)

Dozier had a monster year last year, again, with an ISO of .278, wOBA of .370, SLG .546 and wRC+ of 132. The Twins are slated for five runs by the Vegas books, and Dozier bats second against a very weak ChiSox pitcher tonight.

Jorge Polanco, MIN vs. CWS ($3,500)

Polanco is at a perfect price point, Vegas run total (five-plus) and lineup order spot pick. Vegas (and most observers) are expecting the Twins to score a bunch today, and Polanco can help you get a nice slice of that production for a relatively low cost.

Other Second Basemen I Like

  • Neil Walker, NYM vs MIA ($3,500)


Third Basemen

Wilmer Flores, NYM vs MIA ($3,100)

Like several other Mets’ picks, Flores is about DFS fundamentals: price, enemy bullpen, stack’s power, and lineup order.  He has two HR power for a price that lets you pick two of the pitchers at the start of the article.

Manny Machado, BAL vs. TOR ($4,700)

Machado has still been killing the ball, but getting slightly bad luck where it falls. His statcast L15 is Distance 231, Exit Velocity 93, HH% 44, and he gets a good matchup in a hitters park. If you’re going to pay for bats tonight, overlook Machado at you’re own risk.

Other Third Basemen I Like

  • Miguel Sano, MIN vs CWS



Asdrubal Cabrera, NYM vs MIA ($3,700)

Cabrera had a carer year last year, and has produced 86 DK Fantasy points so far this season. He has been amazingly consistent since the Mets have locked him in the two hole, and he has been making hard contact (40%)  with a solid FB rate (43%) all season. He is a great way to save money at the position, and has very nice numbers against lefty arms since batting second for the Mets.

He only produced three DK points last night, but he is still swinging the bat hard, and batting second for a Met’s offense that has been lighting the I-95 corridor on fire all week  You need players at this price point today, and Cabrera is one of the most consistent of them.

Dansby Swanson, ATL vs. SD ($3,300)

Swanson has talent, lots of it.  We saw flashes of it at the end of 2016’s season.  On a day you need to save money, why not gamble that he finally gets it going against a weak Padre pitcher?

Other Shortstops I Like

  • Troy Tulowitzki, TOR vs BAL ($3,900)



Yoenis Cespedes, NYM vs. MIA ($4,800)

Cespedes had a very unlucky first week of the season. He had been putting solid contact on the ball, but they kept landing on the warning track. All that changed after hitting three HRs and two doubles in his last two games, but what has not changed is his contact; indeed it has gotten even better, as his recent Statcast data shows a HH 55%, Exit Velocity of 95 and an Avg. Distance of 257. And he added two more HR’s with a double and a few walks last night.

If you’re going to pay up for a hitter today, make it someone with multiple dong power. Look that up in the dictionary and see a picture of Cespedes.

 Andrew Benintendi, BOS vs TB (3,800)

Benintendi’s price drops below $4,000 again, which makes rostering him, and his second spot in the productive Boston offense a safe play for a lower price.

Jay Bruce, NYM vs MIA ($3,500)

Bruce has been solid all season for the Mets, driving in runs and hitting HR’s. This is reminding us of the 25-plus HR player we saw in Cincinnatti. He is in the middle of a searing hot Mets’ lineup, has great HR power, and is only $3,500. This is the type of play you look for on days that have 4-plus aces over $9,000 on the mound.

Nomar Mazara, TEX vs SEA ($3,800)

Mazara’s price is still oddly low even after all the production he has provided so far this season. Like Odor, his teammate, Mazara gets the splits advantage against a pitcher that struggles against lefties.  Take the savings and production in Texas today, and help get your pitchers in under cap.

Other Outfielders I Like

  • Kirk Nieuwenhuis, MIL vs CIN ($3,200)
  • Brock Holt, BOS vs TB ($3,300)


Well, good luck fitting your pitching choices in with your Draftkings bats today, on what looks like a glorious day for some Draktkings GPPs. I hope our DraftKings picks for April 14 help contributes to you taking a tournament down today!

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