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April 21 brings an eventful slate of MLB action, and SCFE has your DraftKings Picks For April 21.

Good luck in your DraftKings cash games and GPP’s, and may our pics help.

As usual, make sure to check final lineups, injury reports, and weather reports before submitting your final rosters.

Then check Vegas run totals and money lines for each game, to help you pick pitchers and hitters.

Finally, review all the other SCFE articles and podcasts to be fully informed to build the best rosters you can!

DraftKings Picks For April 21


Jacob deGrom, NYM vs. WSH ($10,200)

deGrom gets a fair price, and a Vegas line on Washington’s offense set at three. The game is at Citi, a park deGrom performs extra well in. His advanced stats are solid, and the Washington offense should keep his ownership lower. He may not have a win yet, but he is coming off a 13 K performance.

Corey Kluber, CLE vs. CWS ($10,800)

Kluber has a K/9 of 9.5 and has an opponent run line of 3.4.  Although his advanced stats (especially his distance allowed of 220ft) is worrisome, Kluber has the chops to chop up the Chisox lineup for a big FPP return.

Other Pitchers I Like

  • Cole Hammels, TEX vs. KC ($9,300)



Yasmani Grandal, LAD vs. ARI ($3,500)

Grandal has been cold, but the LAD offense is expected to score over five runs against a weak right-handed pitcher. Grandal’s price and recent performance should keep his HR and RBI power under-owned tonight.

Other Catchers I Like:

  • Buster Posey, SF vs. COL ($5,000)


First Base

Freddy Freeman, ATL vs. PHI ($4,600)

Freeman’s HR power is well known now, and any night is a chance for a two HR performance. He currently has an ISO of .319 and SLG . 644 against right-handers.

Adrian Gonzalez, LAD vs. ARI ($3,900)

Adrain Gonzalez gets his good splits tonight with a wOBA of .357  and an ISO of .177 vs righty arms. He is batting fourth in a Dodgers lineup projected at over five runs by the bookmakers.

Other First Basemen I Like

  • Brandon Belt, SF vs. COL ($5,000)


Second Base

Rougned Odor, TEX vs. KC ($4,500)

Odor gets the splits advantage against a weaker pitcher, and his Exit Velocity and Distance are both trending upwards. Add in Texas’ run total of five and Odor seems a solid play

Dee Gordon, MIA vs. SD ($4,300)

Gordon has gotten off to a hot start this season, and has had several three hit games in the past two weeks. When Gordon gets on base, you get a shortcut to upside via his stolen base ability. Leading off for a Miami offense that knows how to make contact only makes him more attractive.

Other Second Basemen I Like

  • Neil Walker, NYM vs. WSH ($3,400)
  • Joe Panik, SF vs. COL ($4,600)


Third Base

Nolan Arenado, COL vs. SF ($5,300)

As usual, Arenando’s numbers (regular and advanced) are excellent, and he is producing Fantasy points like Saul Goodman produces one-liners. However, his price and the pitcher he is facing (Cueto) should give you the rare chance to get him at lower ownership. It’s nice to be contrarian with one of the best bats in the business.

Justin Turner, LAD vs. ARI ($3,700)

Turner’s fundamentals and historic performance are far too strong for pricing this low, especially with the Dodgers set to score five or more runs, per Vegas totals. When the Dodgers go off, Turner is literally right in the middle of it, batting third.

Other Third Basemen I Like

  • Eduardo Nunez, SF vs. COL ($5,000)



Trevor Story, COL vs. SF ($4,900)

Trevor story has a FB rate of 85% over his last 15 games. When a player with the power of story is playing in Coors and hitting that many fly balls, I tend to take them no matter who they are facing; the nice thing about facing an ace like Cueto tonight means that his ownership should be low.

Corey Seager, LAD vs. ARI ($4,600)

Seager’s pick is like much of the other Dodgers, except he is better. He carries a splits wOBA of .412, an ISO of  .234 and a SLG .577 against right handers. Tonight, he is batting second against a weak Arizona righty.

Other Shortstops I Like

  • Asdrubal Cabrera, NYM vs. WSH ($3,500)



Jay Bruce, NYM vs. WSH ($3,400)

Bruce just had his second two HR game of the season, and DK responds by dropping his price! Must be something wrong with his internal numbers right? Wrong. His FB% HH% and EV are still rock solid; there’s nothing wrong with Bruce but his price.

Charlie Blackmon, COL vs. SF ($5,100)

Blackmon’s splits against right arms so far this season is astronomical. Yes, he is facing an ace, but he is leading off for an offense still set for 5.2 runs by Las Vegas.

Nomar Mazara, TEX vs. KC ($3,800)

Mazara’s price is still oddly low even after all the production he has provided so far this season. Like Odor, his teammate, Mazara gets the splits advantage against lefties. He bats third for a Texas team marked for five runs by the books.

Other Outfielders I Like

  • Yoenis Cespedes, NYM vs. WSH ($4,200)
  • Joc Pederson, LAD vs. ARI ($3,800)


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