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I am not going to lie folks, today’s FanDuel picks for 8-9-15 post finds me with renewed spirits. The previous week had me winning every day. The Sunday rolled around and it was the beginning of one of the worst losing streaks I experienced. Saturday I played the early slate with some success, even with Noah Syndergaard struggling mightily.

The pitching options today are unreal, and it will be difficult to decide on which Ace you should use for your cash lineups, or even GPP’s. Archer faces the hot Mets, Scherzer gets the Rockies and even at the highest price point ($12,300) he may be the safest option in Cash games, but should be heavily owned in GPP. You can’t go wrong really. Or can you?

There are some struggling stars whose prices have dipped significantly who make great targets today as well. I will certainly be mentioning some of those who have ideal matchups.

As always it is a Sunday slate meaning early games, and the importance of checking the weather and daily Lineups should be done early. I will also try to do some early only options and all day options since the games are spread out today.

Ok, enough with the small talk let’s dive in to some Daily picks shall we?

FanDuel Picks for 8-9-15

Starting Pitcher

Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians vs Minnesota Twins and Phil Hughes ($11,000)

The Indians haven’t been very useful to their with a lack of run support, and it shows in Kluber’s record. That doesn’t matter though, Kluber has been pitching very well aside from two of his last three starts. Kluber faces the struggling Twins and should be a great play today for K’s and even a win!

Danny Duffy, Kansas City vs Chicago White Sox and Jose Quintana ($6,900)

Duffy will be one of my GPP plays today and he is dirt cheap along with a solid matchup. That means he has a great chance for a win. He has been pitching well enough to outscore his salary and his last start was pretty good with 12 FanDuel points. I like Duffy to get a win, pitch six innings or more and add some strikeouts.


Brian McCann vs Marco Estrada and Toronto Blue Jays ($ 3,600)

 McCann should be a safe play against Estrada at home, no matter how well he has been pitching. If you happen to go cheaper on pitching and can spend up McCann should be a top option today.

 Miguel Montero, Chicago Cubs vs Jake Peavy and San Francisco Giants ($2,200)

Montero is a bottom of the barrel option today but I like his matchup facing the right-handed Peavy today. Make sure he is in the lineup of course. If not John Jaso makes a cheap option as well at $2,300.

 First Base

 (Early Only/All Day)  

Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles @ Jered Weaver and the Los Angeles Angels ($4,500)

Davis a lefty and he faces the softer throwing Weaver today who happens to be right-handed. Optimal matchup for the big slugger, and you will have to pay up to get him.

Adam Lind, Milwaukee Brewers vs John Lackey and St. Louis ($3,500)

Another Lefty vs righty matchup. Lind does well against right-handed pitchers and should be able to capitalize against Lackey at some point.


Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks vs Cincinnati and Anthony DeSclafani ($3,900)

Goldy has been putrid lately. Today looks to be like a perfect day for him to snap out of his little slump in a big way.

Second Base

 (Early Only/All Day)

 Ben Zobrist, Kansas City vs Jose Quintana and Chicago White Sox ($3,700)

Zobrist has cooled over his last four games, but has a decent enough matchup to pay up today.

Jimmy Paredes, Baltimore @ Jered Weaver and Los Angeles Angels ($2,200)

Paredes has power and like his teammate Davis he should be able to crush Weaver. He hasn’t been playing as often lately so keep an eye on that. I like Paredes for GPP. If not, maybe Jonathan Schoop ($2,600)

 (Late/All Day) Howie Kendrick, Los Angeles Dodgers @ Charlie Morton and Pittsburgh Pirates ($3,200)

 Kendrick has been playing very well and has a good enough matchup today I like his chances to continue hitting. Hopefully he remains in the lineup today. Kendrick has been averaging 3.3 points over his last 8 games.

 Third Base

(Early/All Day)Matt Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals @ Jimmy Nelson and Milwaukee Brewers ($3,700)

Carpenter’s price hasn’t matched his output over the last week and that makes a great play today in the early games or all day affairs. Carpenter has been averaging 6 points over his last five games.

(All Day/Late) Maikel Franco, Philadelphia Phillies @ Andrew Cashner and San Diego Padres ($3,700)

 Franco’s last two games have slowed him down but he was on another tear prior to this weekend, and today should be a decent matchup for the youngster.


 (Early/All Day)

Jhonny Peralta, St. Louis @ Jimmy Nelson and Milwaukee Brewers ($2,800)

Peralta is a very nice value play today. Favorable matchup and can allow you to spend up in outfield or pitching. He has been struggling lately too so if you want to and are able to spend up go for it.

Brandon Crawford, San Francisco Giants @ Jake Arrieta and Chicago Cubs ($3,400)

Arrieta could stymie the Giants today, but Crawford’s hot bat should be able to do some damage today. Plus it is another lefty vs righty matchup.

(All Day/ Late)

Carlos Correa, Houston Astros @ Chris Bassitt and Oakland Athletics ($4,500)

Correa has been playing like a top three shortstop all season long. Facing a very young pitcher today should boost his number and make him worth the cost.


Lorenzo Cain, Kansas City Royals vs Jose Quintana and Chicago White Sox ($3,600)

 Cain’s last two games have been Cain-like, and today’s matchup should be more of the same at home. Plus his price is more than reasonable at $3,600.

J.D. Martinez, Detroit Tigers vs Henry Owens and Boston Red Sox ($3,900)

 This matchup and game should be favor the Tigers and Martinez. Once again it is a lefty-righty matchup with Owens being a southpaw. Martinez should be able to capitalize.

(All Day/ Late) David Peralta, Arizona Diamondbacks vs Anthony DeSclafani and Cincinnati Reds ($3,500)

Peralta likes to pummel right-handed pitchers and today he gets one who is also young. The Diamondbacks should be able to make some noise tonight.

Good luck today everyone!

The Lineups

Early Only (50/50)

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.06.37 AM


GPP Early Only

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.11.25 AM


GPP All Day

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.25.20 AM


All Day 50/50 or GPP

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.36.33 AM

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