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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday and we are here with the FanDuel picks for 8-23-15. I am going to keep this post short and sweet since I happen to be on a kid free Anniversary weekend for a while longer. Fear not though, I woke up early and am sneaking off to write this up quick.

Sunday’s typically have been having great pitching options lately and today is no different. With pitchers such as Clayton Kershaw and Cole Hamels taking the mound there are some top options to consider.

As always if you are worried about lineups not being released early enough you should try to split up the slate with early and late games rather than all-day. Tournaments are all-day by default so be prepared and watching those daily lineups as much as you can.

Weather is also a factor as always. Monitor that for any or all of your decision making. If there are high chances of storms or rain, or at least enough for a delay hitters are typically safe, but Pitchers can be a risky proposition.

Good Luck today!

Starting Pitcher

Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers @ Houston Astros ($13,000)

 The best pitcher in baseball against the team that has power but adores striking out just feels right today. It will cost plenty but thankfully there are positional player values to be had. Kershaw has put up twenty-plus points in 4 of his last seven starts.

Cole Hamels, Texas Rangers @ Detroit Tigers ($10,400)

Hamels faces the Tigers at home who can still sting the ball. Hamels hasn’t been great since arriving in Texas, but today’s matchup could work out in Hamels favor today.

Michael Wacha, St. Louis @ San Diego Padres ($9,200) (GPP PLAY)

Wacha is my tourney play today. His cost isn’t outrageous and the Cards got embarrassed last night. I can see a bounce back game in a big way which should equate to a win for Wacha.


Yasmani Grandal, Los Angeles Dodgers @ Houston Astros and Lance McCullers

If you have some extra cash and don’t want to punt the Catcher position with James McCann (GPP PLAY) today Grandal has been struggling but should have a nice day today against the righty.


Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Cardinals @ Cincinatti Reds and Rasiel Iglesias ($4,300)

Goldy broke out in a big way last night, and everyone knows how talented he is. If his little slump is over his price tag will not remain this low (At least for Goldy).

Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves @ Chicago Cubs and Jason Hammel ($3,200) (GPP PLAY)

Freeman is back from his recent DL stint and has put up 1.8 FanDuel points. Today he has a lefty vs righty matchup and should be able to rack up some more points. If not some intentional walks.


 Dee Gordon, Miami Marlins @ Philadelphia Phillies and Aaron Nola ($4,200) (CASH & GPP)

Gordon will cost plenty today, but his bat and legs have paid off in a very big way this week. This matchup against the young right-handed pitcher is a juicy one for Gordon. I will be spending up for Gordon today.

Kolten Wong, Saint Louis Cardinals @ San Diego Padres and Colin Rea ($2,300) (Cash & GPP)

Here is another lefty vs righty matchup against a young pitcher. The Cardinals should bounce back as a unit today and Wong has a very nice price point. Wong has been struggling as of late with a negative point total over his past five days.


Manny Machado, Baltimore Orioles vs Minnesota Twins and Mike Pelfrey ($3,900)

Sure Pelfrey can have his moments but this Baltimore lineup should be able to capitalize on his potential to implode. Machado hasn’t hit a long-ball in eight games so who knows he could be due.

Todd Frazier, Cincinatti Reds vs Arizona Diamondbacks and Chase Anderson ($2,700) (CASH & GPP)

This is a delicious price price for Frazier who has been heating up lately. If you can’t spend up on Machado or Josh Donaldson Frazier makes a great option today.


 Troy Tulowitzki, Toronto Blue Jays @ Los Angeles Angels and Garret Richards ($3,800)

If you have been using some of the cheaper options today you can likely pay for Tulo. Richards is certainly not a terrible pitcher, but Tulowitzki can do some serious damage with the lineup behind him. He also had an off-game last night, so who knows.

Jhonny Peralta, Saint Louis @ San Diego Padres and Colin Rea ($2,400) (Cash & GPP)

 Jhonny has been my discount shortstop as of late. He hasn’t been spectacular but he puts up decent enough numbers to meet his value, and has legitimate power potential. Today his matchup is very nice against the youngster Rea.


Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angles vs Toronto Blue Jays and RA Dickey ($4,700)

 With all the values in other positions today one can afford Trout with relative ease, or even pay more for Yoenis Cespedes or Bryce Harper. I am just fine with Trout today and his matchup against the knuckleballer. He hasn’t been dominating this past week so it feels like a great day for a home run.

Justin Upton, San Diego Padres vs San Diego Padres and Michael Wacha ($3,900)

I know, I know, you shouldn’t use hitters against your starting pitcher, that is just not right. The thing is Upton is a nice value today, has been hitting very well and someone will likely get a hit against Wacha right? Why not Upton?

Ender Inciarte, Arizona Diamondbacks @ Cincinatti Reds and Rasiel Iglesias ($2,500)

Inciarte has been swinging a hot bat, and hit a home run last night. It may too good to be true and have him hit another one today, but you never know. It is also a lefty-righty matchup too which is a plus.

Cash and GPP lineups

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 8.45.04 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 8.52.29 AM

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