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I need to find a way to get over my Daily Fantasy Baseball trepidation on Sunday’s. Oddly enough it is the day I will be writing routinely here at SCFE, but I do like a challenge. Sunday’s are great as I mentioned last week since game slates are full, and games are early so they are easier to follow. However, they are also days players tend to rest, meaning checking things such as daily lineups and weather are critical. They always are, but when it is combined with early slates, it can make some decisions risky.

Last week a postponement threw a wrench in my FanDuel picks, including getting nothing from Nolan Arenado and Carlos Gonzalez. If you didn’t know already, getting a zero from any player can all but ensure a losing day. Last Sunday I had two, as well as a few negative outputs from Jean Segura and Justin Upton. It was a terrible, terrible outcome and the lineups didn’t break 20 points.

We can hope today is a better day, a new day and one we can rake in some winnings. I also hope you are reading and have already joined the Slugging For Jude DFS Tournament on If not, what are you waiting for? It is a $5 entry, the money goes to Jude Anderson and family, and you can win ball game tickets, or gift cards. Today is the big day, so Please, please join and trust me it may be the only time you feel good about losing! Join here

FanDuel Picks for Sunday 5-4


I have been sticking with cheap options, and faring well. Last week I played fill-in catcher Brayan Pena, and he was sadly one of my better picks.

Today, I am going to be going the same route. Cheap substitute catcher route. The catcher who has the most favorable pitching matchup, and at the best price point will get plugged in. I will also update closer to Lineup time to ensure the right player is in the lineup.


This position has been somewhat frustrating this season. Not sure why, but I have had the most luck with mid to lower level pitching. Last week, it back-fired with Drew Pomeranz. However the rest of the week I paid up for pitching and had similar outcomes. At FanDuel the pitching position is typically critical to cashing in games, but this season has been unique to say the least.

Jason Hammel, Chicago vs Milwaukee ($8,200)

Hammel is going to be in most of my GPP lineups, and likely 50/50’s too. His last outing was fantastic, and although the Brewers had a nice offensive day Saturday I can see Hammel shutting them down as he did the Pirates last start. It also leaves plenty to put toward some hitters.

Johnny Cueto, Cincinatti @ Atlanta ($10,600)

Cueto is pitching like a Top 5 pitcher this season and Atlanta shouldn’t strike fear in any pitchers at this moment. He is the safest play and should match his price tag for owners looking for a safe and expensive pitcher today.

Many of the Braves haven’t faced Cueto more than 10 times too, so that tends to lean in a pitcher’s favor.

First Base:

Chris Davis, Baltimore vs Tampa Bay ($6,500)

Davis hasn’t faced Karns too much, only four at-bats, but he has a home run and a hit in those at-bats. Small sample size may not be enough sure, but how about Davis’ last week of play? He has bashed out three home runs, had 8 hits and 10 RBIs. He is heating up, and I am loving his cost today.

 Matt Adams, St. Louis vs Pittsburgh ($3,200)

Adams will be my choice in GPP as he is facing Worley. Adams should be in the lineup since he is facing a right-handed pitcher, but as always there are no guarantees. He has only faced Worley three times, but I like his upside and power potential. Adams is hitting close to .300 and has 3 home runs on the season. He also has at least one hit in each of his last five games.

Second Base:

Jose Altuve, Houston vs Seattle ($4,700)

Altuve is someone I am paying for today. He had a very nice game Saturday and although his BVP isn’t great against Happ,  Altuve is too good to worry about that. I am taking the plunge today.

Brian Dozier, Minnesota vs Chicago White Sox ($3,200)

Dozier has been hitting well lately, and he also has fared well against John Danks. In 13 at-bats.  Hitting  Dozier has .308 off the Chicago lefty, with 4 hits, a home run and four RBIs. I love Dozier’s price point today for a value play.

Third Base:

Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay @ Baltimore ($3,200)

Longoria may not have a home run against Wei-Yin Chen but he has hit him well over their careers. His price makes him a nice play in GPP’s and perhaps even in 50/50’s if you are looking to save a little for elsewhere.


Xander Bogaerts, Boston vs New York ($2,900)

Xander has done decent against Warren, and this is to be honest more of a gut call than anything. He collected hits in four of his last five games, and after losing to the Yankees Saturday, I can see the Red Sox creating some havoc today at home.

Of course if you have excess budget and want to spend up you could always go with Troy Tulowitzki assuming he is playing.


Giancarlo Stanton, Miami vs Philadelphia ($5,100)

Stanton is going up against the youngster Severino Gonzalez who simply got man-handled in his first start in 2015. Allowing seven runs in 2.2 innings makes me drool over Stanton’s potential today. If he actually gets pitched too I really like his chances of going deep. If not, walks are points too right?

Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado @ San Diego ($3,000)

Cargo has been a disappointment this season so far, and he has been healthy! I will always appreciate his talent, and today could be a breakout day for him. James Shields is a very good pitcher, however Gonzalez has really clubbed him good when they meet up. In only 11 at-bats Gonzalez has five hits, two home runs, and is batting .455 against him. I will take him and this brief history as my second OF, and at this price I love it.

Billy Burns, Oakland @ Texas ($2,300)

Here is my cheap play in the outfield today. Many Fantasy fans loved seeing Burns this pre-season, and Saturday he got the call and played well in his debut with 2 hits, and 2 runs scored. The speedster can also wreak havoc on the basepaths so the odds of a stolen base are always there.


The Lineup

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