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This Thursday we have a rare occurrence, a full slate of games! We’ve got five tilts during daylight hours and ten to choose from tonight.

If you throw in for an afternoon league Jaime Garcia looks like a solid play although the Twins actually hit left handers better than average. With the afternoon choices though I like him better than the alternatives.

As always Vegas likes the game in Colorado for runs but I also like right handed Diamondbacks, particularly Paul Goldschmidt and A.J. Pollock.

For the evening’s games there are some great options with pitching including some real aces so take your pick. As far as hitting goes, the Dodgers face right handed Anthony Ranaudo who is being called up for a spot start.

His last start in the majors led to six runs in two innings plus change so a stack here isn’t a bad idea. I’m sticking with my play righties facing C.C. Sabathia theory and he faces the Marlins today. I’ll look there for potential as well.

FanDuel Picks for Thursday, June 18

With plenty of options tonight let’s see if we can find a couple good ones at each position and get a lineup ready to go!

Starting Pitchers

Zack Greinke, RHP, LA Dodgers vs. Texas, $10,400

I like all of the top three priced pitchers for cash games today. Gerrit Cole is in contention for a Cy Young so far and Chris Archer could strike out Jesus. However, Greinke saves you a little, is pitching at home in a great pitcher’s park, and is a -210 favorite. This seems like the way to go but I wouldn’t fault anyone for going with Cole or Archer either.

Danny Salazar, RHP, Cleveland vs. Chicago Cubs, $9,100

If you want to drop down a little further Salazar is a nice option. He has excellent swing and miss stuff evidenced by his career K/9 of 10.61. The Cubs’ bats also have excellent swing and miss stuff as they strike out 28% of the time against right handed pitching. While a win may not be quite as likely with Salazar double digit K’s are a real possibility today.


J.T. Realmuto, Miami at NY Yankees, $3,100

The rookie catcher is hitting .319 so far in June and has hit about 70 points better against left handed pitching to this point. He will be one of the Marlins I throw in lineups. He might actually be a nice contrarian play if others go with bigger names, see below.

Yasmani Grandal, LA Dodgers vs. Texas, $3,000

Grandal may be a better choice than Realmuto today and is a grand cheaper so I will invest heavily here. He’s launched three homers in the last week so why not one more? Also, he hits significantly better from the left side, the one from which he will be hitting today. The downside here is that I could see big ownership so you may sit in neutral with this pick.

First Basemen

Joey Votto, Cincinnati vs. Detroit, $4,100

I just have a feeling the wheels might fall back off Verlander sooner rather than later. If that feeling is psychic rather than the Five Guys burger I had for lunch Cincinnati is the park for it. In his last five games he’s hitting .375 albeit with just two hits going for extra bases. One of the those was a homer though, which I would gladly take today.

Adrian Gonzalez, LA Dodgers vs. Texas, $3,200

This is part of your Dodgers stack if you go that route. Gonzalez has been a solid play at first all season and should take part in the hammering of Texas if all goes as planned.

Second Basemen

Ryan Goins, Toronto vs. NY Mets, $2,700

Goins has been hot lately and even had a 5 RBI game a few days ago. His time starting is coming to an end, but he’s taking advantage of every at bat right now.

Jeff Baker, Miami at NY Yankees, $2,500

If you want to go cheap at second this is a sort of sneaky way to do it. Baker has started platooning at first base but is still a second bagger on FanDuel.  He’s hitting .250 and has a little pop in the stick. While no sure thing, if he starts he will probably not be highly owned and could produce a dinger for you.

Third Basemen

Todd Frazier, Cincinnati vs. Detroit, $4,800 

He has four homers in his last two games. How can you not start him?

Mike Moustakas, Kansas City vs.Milwaukee, $2,800

Here I go recommending Moustakas again. He gets Jimmy Nelson who has been all over the map this season. If this is one of his bad games, which a team like Kansas City can actually cause, Moustakas stands to benefit.


Adeiny Hechavarria, Miami at NY Yankees, $2,900

Miami’s surprising shortstop has a .426 OBP so far this year against left handed pitching. However, his counting stats suffer since the Marlins can’t seem to figure out that an overall .300 hitter should be swinging higher than 8th. For a modest consulting fee I would be happy to show the Marlins staff the numbers and discuss potential batting orders for them. For today he’s a good bet to get on base and produce some points.

Alcides Escobar, Kansas City vs. Milwaukee, $2,200

He’s in the bargain bin at FanDuel but has five hits in his last three games. If you punt shortstop Escobar is a nice option for the price.


Giancarlo Stanton, Miami at NY Yankees, $5,400

If there is way to fit an expensive player in today I would go towards Stanton. He’s ripping the top off the ball right now and faces the struggling C.C. Sabathia in New York. While he strikes out too much he is also leading baseball in home runs on the season and has another chance to jack one or two today.

Andre Ethier, LA Dodgers vs. Texas, $3,000

I might consider Ethier more of a tournament play today. He will likely be in the lineup against a right handed pitcher but has been in a little bit of a slump lately. Still, I think he gets a plus matchup and could be lightly owned with his recent numbers. I would have liked to see his price cheaper, but this might actually lead to even lower ownership.

Christian Yelich, Miami at NY Yankees, $2,800

Even though he doesn’t get the platoon splits today I think Yelich is a value at this price. He’s been warming up at the plate and has hits in eight of his last ten games. He’ll be hitting at the heart of the Marlins order so if they do get to Sabathia he should see some of the spoils.

Good luck this afternoon! Hopefully, our FanDuel picks for Thursday, June 18, come through in a big way today!

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