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Wow! I just woke up and saw the news about Troy Tulowitzki. In case you haven’t heard, the Rockies traded Tulo to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes and prospects Miguel Castro and Jeff Hoffman. Honestly that’s a pretty nice haul for Colorado, especially if they can flip Reyes for a couple more prospects.

Meanwhile, Tulowitzki goes to the one place where he may not lose much Fantasy value. Between the lineup and a favorable ballpark, there’s no better place he could have ended up.

It’s looking like this could be a pretty interesting trade deadline, with some pretty big names being moved. Might make it a little interesting in selecting players for your Daily Fantasy Baseball lineups over the coming days.

Right now though, we’ve got to focus on today. Here are the links we’ll need to build our lineup and my recommendations immediately follow. Remember on Tuesdays my FanDuel strategy is geared toward 50/50 contests. To be specific, I’ll be preparing my lineup for the Tout Wars Challenge, where for $2 you can challenge some of the top minds in Fantasy Baseball, and David Gonos as well… I stuck that little barb in there because I’m convinced Gonos is always leeching off my picks and riding them to the bank.

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Probable Pitchers:

Batter vs. Pitcher: I’m not much of a believer in Batter vs. Pitcher numbers. You can read why here. Still, a lot of people use this data, so here are the two that are most useful in my opinion.

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FanDuel Strategy for the Day

My FanDuel strategy always start with pitching and today is an interesting day. There are plenty of solid options to consider and there are also a few names I hardly recognize. Yohan Fland3 anyone? Zack Godley? I hope he pitches that way.

I count eight pitchers that are obvious stacking candidates, and a few others that may be ready to combust. I think it’s going to be a day with a lot of high run totals, so going safe with your pitching selection is a must. There may be no more safe place for a pitcher right now than in Tampa Bay. And when that pitcher is David Price you have to feel even better. When a pitcher faces his old team weird things tend to happen, but the Rays bats have been so pathetic lately, I’m not worried.

FanDuel Picks for Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top Starting Pitchers for the Day

The following rankings take into account skill of pitcher, quality of opposing offense, quality of opposing pitcher, ballpark factors, and of course price at FanDuel.

  1. David Price ($11,400) @ Tampa Bay Rays – The only thing to nitpick in this matchup is Price’s opponent on the mound will be Jake Odorizzi, whose numbers are pretty damn good. Expect a low scoring game here, but I’ll be in the press box watching this one, so count on a Tigers’ victory.
  2. Jose Fernandez ($10,700) vs. Washington Nationals – Fernandez is in much the same boat as Price. He’s opposed by Jordan Zimmermann. Zimmermann’s strikeouts are down, but he’s pitching much better after a rough start to the season. Wins are big in daily and it’s no certainty the Marlins offense is going to give Fernandez enough runs to get the win… Still Fernandez can throw out double-digit Ks anytime he takes the hill.
  3. Sonny Gray ($9,900) @ Los Angeles Dodgers – Gray is right there with Price and Fernandez in terms of ability, and he probably has better odds of winning against Brett Anderson, who’s coming back from some recent Achilles issues. The combination of matchup and price has me looking real hard at Gray for my lineups today. I’ll probably build a lineup with Price and then see what kind of offensive upgrades I could make by substituting Gray.

Top Options at Each Position

Here are two choices at each position; one is the best bet for production and the other is a lower priced option with a favorable outlook.


Victor Martinez ($3,300) vs. Jake Odorizzi (RHP) – I like Odorizzi plenty, but if you look at what Martinez has done in June and July, you’ll see he is the best bargain going at catcher right now. He’s an even better play against LHP, but at $3,300 I’ll still roll with him.

Matt Wieters ($2,300) vs. Julio Teheran (RHP) – Wieters’ overall numbers look pretty bad, but he’s hit much better against right-handed pitchers. If you’re trying to go cheap at catcher, Wieters is a solid pick that still offers good upside.

First Base:

Anthony Rizzo ($3,200) vs. Yohan Flande (LHP) – Rizzo’s average has been taking a little tumble of late, but he’s still scorching lefties to the tune of a .330 average. And what about Flande? Well, he ‘earned’ his start in Colorado by posting a 3.13 K/9 in Triple-A. That was accompanied by a 7.11 ERA. In fact only one time (way back in 2009 in Single-A) has Flande had a K/9 over 7.0. This guy is starting just because he has a left arm. Feel free to stack Cubs.

Jose Abreu ($3,200) vs. Wade Miley (LHP) – Abreu’s splits are a bit reversed this year, but in 2014 he hit .353 off LHP. I’m not sure what to make of that. What I do know is that Abreu is taking some flack for having a down year, but his numbers are still very solid. Miley has had his struggles, but his HR/FB% is actually much lower than it was in the last two seasons. I say Abreu helps that regress a little bit today.

Second Base:

Jose Altuve ($4,400) vs. C.J. Wilson (LHP) – I’m not a fan of spending big bucks on speed guys, but Altuve has to be a consideration anytime he faces a lefty. He’s hitting .348 against LHP this season. Fluke? Yeah, it falls to .347 for his career. Completely understandable if you want to spend the money elsewhere, but the matchup is there.

Kolten Wong ($3,000) vs. Mike Leake (LHP) – Wong is quietly putting together what will come close to a 20/20 season, and it’s almost entirely based on what he does against right-handed pitching. Ten of his 11 homers have come against RHP, to go along with a .291 average. I’ll take those numbers for $3,000 Alex.

Third Base:

Note: I’m not going to cover Todd Frazier or Nolan Arenado, but with both playing in Colorado tonight, they obviously deserve serious consideration.

Josh Donaldson ($4,700) vs. Adam Morgan (LHP) – Don’t look at the price tag. Instead look at this. Yes, that’s a .338 average against LHP this season. And this season is no fluke, as Donaldson has hit .034 higher against lefties over his career. It’s really very simple. Just play Donaldson anytime he faces a left-handed pitcher. Easy enough?

Kris Bryant ($3,000) vs. Yohan Flande (LHP) – It’s no coincidence that Flande rhymes with flambe. Bryant has seen his average take a bit of a tumble, but he still makes things happen. He drives in runs, he scores runs, and he steals bases. And I don’t get the feeling that he’s even had a hot streak yet.


Troy Tulowitzki ($3,600) vs. Adam Morgan (LHP) – Does Tulowitzki get to Toronto in time to be in tonight’s lineup? I can’t promise you that. What I can tell you is that he’s hitting .375 against left-handers this year and .321 for his career. His use in DFS may go down a bit with this trade, but in Toronto against left-handed pitching I’m not sure we’ll notice a difference.

Francisco Lindor ($2,600) vs. Chris Young (RHP) – Lindor has quietly put together a solid month of July, batting .292 with 3 homers and 10 RBIs in 21 games. Young continues to defy his peripherals, but he’s given up 13 earned runs over his last 20 innings. If you don’t go with Tulowitzki or Carslo Correa, Lindor is as good a cheap play as anyone else.


Michael Brantley ($3,600) vs. Chris Young (RHP) – No Brantley is not matching last year’s numbers, but he still scores in a variety of ways and this matchup suits him well. There are better power hitters you may decide to go with, but if you prefer to spread the wealth, Brantley is a nice play.

Carlos Gonzalez ($3,000) vs. Dallas Beeler (RHP) –  I don’t buy into hot streaks, but they do tell you a player is healthy and seeing the ball well. Cargo’s overall numbers are starting to look pretty nice, and that’s all based on what he does against right-handed pitching. How does a .312 average and all 20 of his home runs sound? Use Gonzalez now, because his salary will be moving way up soon.

Jorge Soler ($2,400) vs. Yohan Flande (LHP) – Soler really hasn’t gotten in any kind of groove this year, but there’s no way the Cubs don’t score five-plus runs today. Soler is a low-cost gamble that could pay off pretty big.

Avasail Garcia ($2,200) vs. Wade Miley (LHP) – In trying to fit Donaldson and Tulo in my lineup, I came across Garcia. His overall numbers aren’t bad, but he’s hitting .309 vs. LHP this season, a mark supported by his career splits. His power has been missing of late, but at the FanDuel minimum salary, I’m taking a shot.

My FanDuel Lineups for Tuesday, July 28, 2015

FanDuel Lineup for Tuesday, July 28, 2015Here’s my first draft of a lineup for tonight. I did a lot of juggling to fit Tulowitzki and Donaldson in there. If Tulo doesn’t play, I’ll be tweaking this lineup quite a bit.

Either way, I’ll be visiting RotoWire and to make sure all of my recommendations take the field tonight. If one of my picks isn’t in the lineup, I’ll try to select options from my other recommendations. And of course I also reserve the right to tweak things if I hear other news during the day.

I hope my Daily Fantasy Baseball picks get you pointed in the right direction. Follow all of Doug Anderson’s columns on

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