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It is another Thursday of Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks, and today we essentially have a split slate. 7 early games and 5 late games. If you play in all day contests be sure to stay on top of lineups as much as you can, especially on sites where there is no late swapping.

Typically on slates like todays I prefer to split my contests and play both early and late. If I join a few all-day contests it will be on sites such as DraftKings where late swaps are available. Playing days like today without that option is risky to say the least.

If you are in to player projections, lineup builders and other cool tools, you should be checking out rotoQL. I tend to use these on days when I am crunched for time, and I have to admit this tool is fast, easy and I look forward to seeing how it does.

Stay tuned for updates on all things such as weather prior to first pitch tonight here.

You should also monitor starting lineups, which thankfully are typically submitted well before the games. Many lineup sites also include weather forecasts as well.


Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: April 14th

A quick note: If I am only listing one player it is because they are essentially both a good value, and a top choice for me. Some positions and pricing haven’t quite balanced out yet on the Daily Fantasy Sites.

Starting Pitchers

Vince Velasquez, Philadelphia Phillies vs San Diego Padres  (EARLY SLATE)

Velasquez looked very good in his last outing and he faces the struggling Padres lineup. Sign me up for some K’s at a great price.

DraftKings: $7,300       FanDuel: $7,400

Ian Kennedy, Kansas City Royals @ Houston Astros

Kennedy shredded the Twins in his last start and although the Astros have a better lineup they strikeout plenty. I cam see Kennedy have a repeat performance today.

DraftKings: $8,300        FanDuel: $8,200

First Base

PaulGoldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks @ Los Angeles Dodgers (Ross Stripling)

 Stripling has been surprising but today I think Goldy and the Diamondbacks will catch up to him. 

DraftKings: $5,100        FanDuel: $5,100

Tyler White, Houston Astros vs Kansas City Royals (Ian Kennedy)

I know, I know it is never good to use a hitter against your pitcher in DFS. I like to love recklessly though,  and if Kennedy makes a mistake I can see White being on the rewarding end.

DraftKings: $4,300        FanDuel: $3,300

Second Base

Daniel Murphy, Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves (Julio Teheran) (EARLY SLATE)

Is Daniel Murphy’s price going down? It may be,  but I love it and am not complaining. Teheran is good,  but Murphy should get some points like he typically does.

DraftKings: $3,900       FanDuel: $3,600

Brandon Phillips, Cincinatti Reds @ Chicago Cubs (Jason Hammel)

Phillips has been solid this season and father time,  at least for now has taken a backseat. His price is right and Hammel may be the most vulnerable of the Cubs pitchers.

DraftKings: $3,900       FanDuel: $2,900


Third Base

Josh Donaldson, Toronto Blue Jays vs New York Yankees (Nate Eovaldi)

Donaldson against Eovaldi is a drool worthy match up today. It will cost you though.

DraftKings: $5,000       FanDuel: $5,300

Matt Carpenter, Saint Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee Brewers (Wily Peralta) (EARLY SLATE)

 Carpenter is a player like Murphy for me. Makes contact and consistently get on base. Today makes a great opportunity for Carpenter on the early slate. 

DraftKings: $4,900      FanDuel: $4,000


Brandon Crawford, San Francisco Giants @ Colorado Rockies (Jorge de la Rosa) (EARLY SLATE)

 Crawford in Coors against de la Rosa excites me today. Coors has been quiet lately so I can see an explosion of runs today. 

DraftKings: $4,400       FanDuel: $3,700

Eugenio Suarez, Cincinatti Reds @ Chicago Cubs (Jason Hammel)


Suarez is having a nice season and his price is reflecting that. That being said I am still using him today against Hammel.

DraftKings:$4,400       FanDuel: $3,700


 Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves (Julio Teheran) (EARLY SLATE)

Harper went 0-4 last night which gives me even more incentive to use him tonight. He will be hungry.

DraftKings: $5,100      FanDuel: $5,500

Hunter Pence, San Francisco Giants @ Colorado Rockies (Jorge de la Rosa) (EARLY SLATE)

 Pence in Coors today is much like Crawford for me. Too good to pass up,  and with a split slate makes a great outfield option. Cost be damned. 

DraftKings: $5,300       FanDuel: $4,500

Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers vs Arizona Diamondbacks (Robbie Ray)

Puig against a player like Robbie Ray has me chomping at the bit.

DraftKings: $ 4,300      FanDuel: $3,700

Nomar Mazara, Texas Rangers vs Baltimore Orioles (Chris Tillman)

I will be playing Mazara until he stops hitting and producing. Especially at this price.

DraftKings: $ 3,300      FanDuel: $2,700

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