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Today was a difficult day to plan out for the FanDuel daily fantasy baseball picks. Oh, yeah. Happy 4th of July everyone! I am sure like most people  you are not able to spend as much time researching for DFS today as most days. Activities such as swimming, grilling, fishing, hanging out with family, and whatever else people do to celebrate!

I am however a degenerate and will squeeze in every free minute I can today to try and follow lineups, splits, and weather factors.

I hope you will understand this may be a briefer than most post as well. I will try and just get to the nuts and bolts for today’s late slate. That way you aren’t reading too much and I am not ignoring my family to write too much.

Please be sure to monitor lineups throughout the day just in case some of the players I am targeting today are late scratches or not in the lineup altogether. The day is essentially split with 7 day games and 7 late games which make planning for both difficult. Due to time I am focusing solely on the late slate games.

Be sure to check your lineups I like to use this site Rotowire Daily Lineups. For weather I have just been using FanDuel’s very own weather link on their page.

Starting Pitcher

The two top options today in price and talent are facing each other which can really hinder value with a potential loss on the line.

Zack Greinke, Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York Mets ($11,200)

Greinke faces the Mets who have had an issue scoring runs as of late. The Dodgers are the favorites today and Greinke has a miniscule 1.58 ERA on the season. I wouldn’t blame anyone for avoiding Greinke, or Harvey today as mentioned earlier, but if you want one I am going with Greinke today.


Brayan Pena, Cincinnatti vs Milwaukee and Jimmy Nelson ($2,200)

Pena would be my choice today for minimum cost catchers, but it all depends on if he plays or not. No matter what for the late slate I am going dirt cheap at the catcher position.

First Base

Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs vs Miami and Jarred Cosart ($3,900)

Rizzo has cooled off as of late, and he is due for a big game very soon. I am thinking today is the day Rizzo hits a moon-shot off of Cosart at home. It also helps that Rizzo is a lefty facing a right-hander.

Second Base

Scooter Gennett, Milwaukee @ Cincinnati and Josh Smith ($3,200)

Scooter has a left-hand hitting versus right-handed pitcher matchup today. Gennett has been reliable since coming off the DL and I really like his opportunity facing the under-whelming Josh Smith.

Third Base

Miguel Sano, Minnesota @Kansas City and Joe Blanton ($2,200)

In choosing A few other high ticket players some value needs to be found and with Sano I am doing just that. Joe Blanton is not an intimidating pitcher and Sano has other-worldly power. He may only be in his third day as a big-leaguer, but I like this matchup and price today.


Elvis Andrus, Texas vs Los Angeles Angels and Hector Santiago ($2300)

Andrus has been struggling over his last four games producing negative points on FanDuel over that time. His price is low today and he helps fill the shortstop position.


Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado @ Arizona Diamondbacks and Patrick Corbin ($3,200)

Corbin’s first start back off the DL is tempting for me to attack today and with Gonzalez’s price tag I am pulling the trigger. Gonzalez could easily have another 5 for 5 night if Corbin has a shaky outing.

David Peralta, Arizona vs Colorado and David Hale ($4,000)

Peralta is essentially a locked and loaded player when there is a right-handed pitcher on the mound. FanDuel has clearly caught on to Peralta and his splits with a heftier price point today. I still am taking my chances with him today and love this matchup.

Andre Ethier, Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York Mets and Matt Harvey

With a blance of $2,500 Ethier seems to be the most tempting available outfielders simply because he is left-handed. He is however facing Matt Harvey so this particular advantage may not be extremely valuable.

Definitely try to make sure Ethier is in the lineup if possible and if so use him, if not look elsewhere or try and find a bargain player.

The Final Lineup

Late LU for 7-4-15

Good Luck tonight everyone, enjoy your Holiday, family and food! See you tomorrow.

Image Provided By: Keith Allison

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