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Today’s FanDuel Strategy

On a slate like this when you have two games it is key to look for that one guy that will go off no one has. This is extremely difficult to do when you only have two games to choose from. So you have to ask yourself this question…who will everyone want? The trick is to find a position that has a very limited selection of great players and pick the guy who you expect to go 0-for-4. This is always the guy that you wish you took.

We also need to remember that there really is no bad pitching on this slate.

  • Dallas Keuchel vs. Masahiro Tanaka at Yankee Stadium
  • Jake Arrieta vs. Gerrit Cole at PNC Park

If this was a normal day I would not take a bat in either of these games. So with this being said here is a special wild-card edition of Daily Fantasy Baseball Fantasy Picks brought to you by So Called Fantasy Experts.

This is my only lineup tonight and I am sharing it. I will be using it as a combo GPP / Cash lineup.

Starting Pitcher

Jake Arrieta (22-6, 1.77 ERA) Chicago Cubs $12,700 – This pick comes down to risk versus dollars. We have four pitchers to choose from on this slate and the only guy who has not had a bad outing lately is Jake Arrieta.

It is clear at this point to me that if anyone deserves the Cy Young Award for the N.L. it is Jake Arrieta. I say this over my own Dodger ace Zack Greinke. Arrieta down the stretch has been amazing. Over his last 12 starts spanning a whopping 88 1/3 innings he has only allowed four earned runs while striking out 89 batters. It gets better, how about he is 11-0 in that time with a 0.41 WHIP. In this amazing stretch he has faced the Pittsburgh Pirates three times only allowing one earned run. That is not a typo. He shut them out twice. This leaves little doubt as to who the top pitcher on the slate is.


Before we get into batters keep in mind runs could be scarce in these games and we always have a chance someone I choose will not play tomorrow night after lineups lock. I am trying to avoid this so guys I pick I believe will play.


Miguel Montero (.248 Avg., 15 HR) Chicago $2,300 – On a slate where you have to choose one side or the other I am taking the Cubs. Gerrit Cole is looking tired to me. You have a young arm who has been a work horse all season.

Montero on the other hand gets the platoon advantage in a great hitters park in PNC which is 11th in Major League Baseball in home runs at 1.083. He has a .326 wOBA versus RHP and should bat around the five spot. Go Cubbies!

First Base

Gregory Bird (.261 Avg., 11 HR) New York Yankees $3,000 – Everyone is going to be on Rizzo. I am just saying. Bird has a lefty on lefty match-up which I hate. Here is the thing though, he has .334 wOBA versus LHP. He is also batting .353 over the last seven days. Rizzo might get you more points but if Bird goes off you will be sitting much higher up in the DFS birdcage.

Second Base

Tommy La Stella (.269 Avg., 1 HR) Chicago Cubs $2,200 – Here is a guy batting in the four spot most days for the minimum salary. This is what I call value. Not only that you get the platoon advantage in a game where the difference between winning and losing could be a mere .25 of a point. You add in his .335 wOBA versus RHP and .300 batting average over the last 14 days and he gets my call on a day when you have to have Arrieta.

Third Base

Alex Rodriguez (.250 Avg., 33 HR) New York Yankees $3,100 – He is a beast. Admit it. I know you hate to because I do as well. On a personal level I think I would rather not think about Alex Rodriguez. I imagine he spends a lot of time in the mirror with his bat in his hand telling himself how cool he is.

He has a .389 wOBA and 10 home runs versus LHP this season. He bats in the three spot most days and has six home runs in the last month. If you cannot afford Kris Bryant then this is the way to go.


Carlos Correa (.279 Avg., 22 HR) Houston Astros $4,000 – Not much to choose from. Why not the guy who has six home runs and 23 RBI over the last month. He also has a .359 wOBA versus RHP and faces Masahiro Tanaka who has allowed four earned runs in has last five innings.

I have faded Astros outside of this play because I believe Astros stacks will be abound.


Chris Young (.252 Avg., 14 HR) New York Yankees $2,500 – Young has a .409 wOBA and .327 average with seven home runs off of LHP this season. He is also batting .444 over the last seven days. In a great hitters park like Yankee stadium this leaves little doubt.

Chris Coghlan (.250 Avg., 16 HR) Chicago Cubs $2,300 – For some reason Coghlan hits better on the road. His batting average is 75 points higher. He has a .355 wOBA and 16 home runs off of RHP this season. On a tough slate for such a cheap price I am all in on some Coghlan.

Jacoby Ellsbury (.257 Avg., 7 HR) New York Yankees $2,600 – I like Ellsbury tonight if he plays. He bats lead off most nights and even though he does not get the platoon advantage he hits both LHP and RHP very similar in both batting average and wOBA. If he does not play then put in Gardner. I like either one.

Other Outfielders

  • Preston Tucker
  • Colby Rasmus
  • Carlos Gomez
  • Brett Gardner
  • Carlos Beltran
  • Jorge Soler
  • Kyler Schwarber

Plug and play and see what fits best for you. Good luck!

If you like Cole then by all mean use Pirates. At your own risk. I would not. But it would be the ultimate GPP play.


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