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The end is near. Now the playoff picture is starting to form and my beloved Los Angeles Dodgers have found themselves in the mix and without the San Francisco Giants I might add. All of Dodger nation is preparing for the post-season and rallying behind our team. No one bleeds Dodger Blue more than yours truly.

To some people this is just a game, for me it has been an entire lifetime. I remember sitting four rows up from the third baseline watching Orel Hershiser completely dominate Vince Coleman and the St. Louis Cardinals. I was amazed watching Pedro Guerrero chase down long fly balls by John Kruk on a warm summers day. I will never forget Morgana “The Kissing Bandit” making random appearances and bursting out onto the field and kissing the starting pitcher. In them days the player would just stand anxiously with open arms ready to join their baseball brethren in the kissing bandit lore. Nowadays they would throw her aside and wait for security to tackle her off camera. So where am I going with all this?

Today Yogi Berra passed away at the age of ninety. I have lost two of my favorite childhood heroes in the last few years. Duke Snider and now Yogi Berra. I often tell people I should have been born in the 1930’s because the 1950’s would have been my era. My home, my private card collection, and most of my childhood memories revolve around these legends. I get up early and watch old TV shows with MLB player appearances, old World Series film, random vintage games, interviews, and pretty much anything else I can find. Yes, I watch the “Baseball Bunch” as well. I love these players looking at them from the dough eyed stare of a child and a little bit of my childhood dies as each one of them do. My featured photo today is a scan of an autographed 8 x 10 photo my late mother purchased me when I was a teen. It seems fitting today. With a sincere tear in my eye I say goodbye to a hell of a guy.  R.I.P. Yogi.

With the world paying attention to Football the last six of us playing Daily Fantasy Baseball will continue on and try to win some money to lose playing Football.

“They give you cash, it’s as good as money”. – Yogi Berra

Daily Fantasy Baseball tip of the day

We are slowly reaching the end of the season the numbers are getting lower each day in Daily Fantasy Baseball. This will be my last week of tips until next season starts my friends. So here is the last one of the 2015 season. Play heavy on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. These are all days people are putting in Football line ups and thus the competition gets smaller which intern increases your probability of winning more money. At this point in Daily Fantasy Baseball I am only playing in single entry tournaments and small dollar multi entry GPP. Have fun.

Today’s FanDuel Strategy

We have only two early games on the slate so this article will be geared towards the late slate.

This is a night with some great starting pitching abound and plenty of horrible starters to pick on. We have some great stacking options and some cheap flyers to play as well. Going to be a fun night as always.

We currently have six games with an expected point total of 8.0 or higher.

  • New York Yankees @ Toronto Blue Jays 9.0
  • Tampa Bay Rays @ Boston Red Sox 9.0
  • Philadelphia Phillies @ Miami Marlins 8.5
  • Seattle Mariners @ Kansas City Royals 8.0
  • Pittsburgh Pirates @ Colorado Rockies 11.0
  • Texas Rangers @ Oakland Ahtletics 8.0

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Wednesday, September 23rd

Starting Pitching

Max Scherzer (12-11, 2.90 ERA) Washington Nationals $11,000 – It’s kind of hard to not rank Scherzer at number one today. Zack Greinke faces the red hot Arizona Diamondbacks who no matter what history suggests I refuse to put a starter in against. Even Greinke has bad days. Kluber no matter how awesome has had issues and we also have weather concerns to fight as well. So that leaves Scherzer.

Over his last 15 innings he has only allowed two earned runs while striking out 12 batters with a 1.20 ERA. Today he gets the Orioles who strikeout 21.5-percent of the time and have .313 wOBA versus RHP. They are also only batting .220 over the last seven days. I will be using him in most cash games.

Brandon Finnegan (4-0, 2.53 ERA) Cincinnati Reds $5,600 – Do you want to win at Daily Fantasy Baseball? This is where you have to take a shot in a GPP. In his short career in the big leagues Finnegan has eight strikeouts over 7 2/3 innings with a 1.17 ERA. Out of them 7 2/3 innings 2 2/3 innings were versus the Cardinals. He fanned four of them. The Cardinals strikeout 23.7-percent of the time versus LHP and have a low .295 wOBA. They are also cold as ice batting .238 over the last seven. I am all in on GPP play here and will be pairing him with Scherzer on two pitcher sites.

Cash Game Starting Pitcher Rankings

  1. Max Scherzer $11,000
  2. Corey Kluber $10,100
  3. Zack Greinke $12,000
  4. Jake Peavy $6,800

GPP Game Starting Pitcher Rankings

  1. Brandon Finnegan $5,600
  2. Adam Conley $6,400


J.T. Realmuto (.253 Avg., 10 HR) Miami Marlins $2,600  – Almost a must to play Marlins today. They are facing David Buchanan who has allowed six earned runs in his last 9 1/3 innings. Realmuto is batting .333 and has three home runs in the last 14 days. He is a cheap option with lots of power and that gets him cash game consideration.

Francisco Cervelli (.300 Avg., 6 HR) Pittsburgh Pirates $3,000 – So here is the deal. Cervelli can hit RHP. He has a .333 wOBA and .284 batting average versus RHP and is playing in Coors field tonight facing Christian Bergman who right handed batters are mashing to the effect of a .341 batting average. For a low salary in a game with an expected point total north of 11.0 I am in on him.

First Baseman

Justin Bour (.261 Avg., 88 HR) Miami Marlins $2,900 – For the price how can you go wrong here. He has .342 wOBA versus RHP and is batting .357 with one home run and eight RBI over the last seven days. He should bat clean up versus the horrible David Buchanan. Nothing to be Boured about here.

Justin Morneau (.307 Avg., 3 HR) Colorado Rockies $3,900 – After missing most of the season it sure is nice to have Morneau back. Not only is he back but he is hitting like he never left. He has a .347 wOBA and .301 batting average versus RHP. Since his return he is batting .350 over the last thirty days and remains hot at the plate. Welcome back Justin.

Second Baseman

Neil Walker (.268 Avg., 14 HR) Pittsburgh Pirates $3,300 – I always joke that if he was traded to the Rangers he would become, “Walker Texas Ranger”. That always makes me smile. You know what else makes me smile? His .338 wOBA versus RHP. You know what makes me ecstatic? He is batting .364 with one home run over the last seven and is in Coors field tonight facing bad pitching.

Dee Gordon (.330 Avg., 3 HR) Miami Marlins $3,900 – This as a Dodger fan makes me happy. I loved Dee Gordon in LA and miss him everyday when I watch Quick Pitch on the MLB Network. He keeps hitting and hitting. This season when I went to see the Marlins I held up a sign with an LA logo that said, “I miss you Dee”. He noticed but I am not sure how he thought I missed him. Should have thought that through. Anyway he has a .325 wOBA and .325 batting average with 40 steals off of RHP. High price makes him a great GPP play.

Third Baseman

Josh Harrison (.280 Avg., 4 HR) Pittsburgh Pirates $3,200 – Harrison is back and he always seems to find a way to get on base. In a Coors field game this virtue leads to lots of points. He bats lead off for a low price and is batting .400 over the last seven days. Hard to pass on him.

Adrian Beltre (.278 Avg., 15 HR) Texas Rangers $3,300 – Felix Dubront is terrible. Right handed hitters are batting over .300 against him. Beltre just happens to be a right handed hitter and is batting .538 with nine RBI over the last seven days. If you like BVP Beltre is 7-for-11 with two home runs lifetime off of Felix the Cat.


Corey Seager (.359 Avg., 2 HR) Los Angeles Dodgers $3,100 – So I have to ask…why is his price still so low? He has a .508 wOBA and .438 batting average off of RHP. He continues to smash the ball hitting .367 with two home runs over the last 14 days. Today he faces Chase Anderson who has allowed five earned runs over his last two innings.

Brandon Crawford (.254 Avg., 19 HR) San Francisco Giants $2,200 – Almost hard to believe that Crawfords price has fallen so low. Almost harder to believe I was able to just use the same pick again. It’s not cheating. I still love this play today. On a day when you want to fit in a stud pitcher and need to save money he is a great punt play. How many other shortstops provide “Double Dong” potential for the near minimum salary on FanDuel.


Joc Pederson (.217 Avg., 25 HR) Los Angeles Dodgers $2,200 – I love me some Joc. He has hit a rough patch like all young players do but he is starting to pick it up again. He is batting .289 with one home run over the last 14 days. He has a .355 wOBA versus RHP and I expect him to have a great game tonight. I am using him in all my cash games for the minimum salary.

Starling Marte (.286 Avg., 18 HR) Pittsburgh Pirates $4,500 – As you can see I am huge on the Pirates bats today. I love Andrew McCutchen as my top outfielder today but was unable to afford him and Scherzer and still have a line up I can respect. So I opted for Starling Marte in his place.

Marte has .339 wOBA versus RHP and is batting .367 with two home runs over the last seven days. He should bat in the meat of the order in Coors field. Great cash game play.

Carlos Gonzalez (.260 Avg., 37 HR) Colorado Rockies $4,200 – Who has a .407 wOBA versus RHP and eight home runs in the last 30 days? Cargo does. He is in a slump but Charlie Morton is horrible on the road and I cannot see a better day for Cargo to have a break out game.

Christian Yelich (.289 Avg., 7 HR) Miami Marlins $3,500 – I believe Yelich is one of the most exciting young talent in the Major Leagues. He is so overshadowed by the Harpers and Trouts of the world. He has a .342 wOBA and .295 batting average off of RHP. He is also batting .400 with one home run and six RBI over the last seven. He rounds out my nice Marlins stack.

Other Outfielders to look at:

  • Bryce Harper
  • Kevin Pillar
  • Ben Revere
  • Michael Conforto
  • Marcel Ozuna
  • Ryan Braun
  • Dexter Fowler
  • Austin Jackson
  • Kyle Schwarber
  • Nelson Cruz
  • Seth Smith
  • Michael Brantley
  • Andrew McCutchen
  • Gregory Polanco
  • Charlie Blackmon
  • Andre Ethier
  • Carl Crawford


  1. Pittsburgh Pirates
  2. Miami Marlins
  3. Colorado Rockies
  4. Chicago Cubs
  5. Texas Rangers

Sneaky Stacks

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers
  2. Cincinnati Reds
  3. Milwaukee Brewers

See you next Wednesday. Good luck and I hope we all win tonight. Unless it comes down to me and you. Then I hope I win.


My GPP and Cash Line ups for tonight

My GPP and Cash Line ups for tonight

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