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I’m going to share something in addition to my Daily Fantasy Baseball picks for Monday, June 29.

I would like to share with you how I’ve been absolutely lights out on DraftKings the last month and a half.

I do not like to brag because quite frankly, you don’t hear when I lose.

Also check out today’s Extreme Platoon Splits to see which hitters have a built-in advantage.

Losing is a big part of DFS and it has happened to me and it will happen again.

The thought that I’m even telling you how hot I’ve been will probably send me on a cold streak worse than Chase Utley could even imagine.

Below is a look at my biggest Daily Fantasy Baseball scores on DraftKings.


Ignore the NFL stuff, as that is not sound advice.

So, how am I doing it?

Well, I will give you some solid advice. This advice is nothing groundbreaking or earth-shattering. In fact, it’s advice you should have received from day one, but remember we were all new at one point. I wish I would have listened to the guys that do this for a living.


Sure, going all in or on tilt or on blast or whatever you want to call it sure seems like fun, and it will give you a sweat like no other, but it is absolutely stupid. Besides, you should be playing for fun. I know, I know, winning is fun, but you won’t win all day, every day. Get that through your head. On most days, I try to spend only 10% of my bankroll.

Tip No. 2 — You will not win $1 million or $500k or $30k or $1k on your first day.

Does it happen? Yes, Yes, it does. That’s why the commercials are made. It’s a feel-good story, but the reality of it is you can’t enter enough lineups as the next guy to achieve the perfect lineup. If you absolutely feel you need to enter the biggest tournament DON’T. That is don’t enter it until you have the bankroll to do it. Then and only then, think long and hard about entering because you will need to beat approximately 145,000 people, assuming you are trying to win a million on DraftKings.

Tip No. 3 — Stay away from large entry GPPs.

It’s the hot chick at a bar theory. Sure, it’s awfully tempting, but in reality, is she going home with you? Probably not. If you like playing tournaments only (like I do) I have learned to stay away from anything with over 3,000 participants. Are you happy playing for even most days? I am. I think with all of us, if we could just make one deposit and never ever have to re-deposit we would be happier than a pig in you know what.

Final tip — Check your ego at the door.

When I first started DFS I felt that I was the best Fantasy player in the history of Fantasy players. I didn’t care what a 50/50 or H2H meant, I cared about winning all the monies. Big, big mistake. One I’ll never make again.

You may be knowledgeable about Fantasy Sports, but you have to absolutely hit on every pick to win the big money. Stick with 50/50s and H2H to see what other opponents are doing until you are comfortable. The best money I lost was playing sharks H2H in $2 games. Sure, they don’t need my money, but I needed to see what the pros did and I’m glad I did.

Hopefully, the tips above help you on your success to becoming a better Daily Fantasy Sports player. Now let’s get to my picks!

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, June 29

Starting Pitchers

Pitching is an absolute abomination tonight. There is no clear cut stud and that makes this a very interesting slate.

C.J. Wilson, Los Angeles: I do not trust C.J. Wilson. I trust C.C. Sabathia less. C.J. does have things in his favor though. Big ballpark…check, likely for the win…check, pitching at home…also check.

Kendall Graveman, Oakland: I can’t believe I’m recommending Kendall Graveman but he is been pitching alright as of late. Over his last 7 games, he is 3-2 with a 2.31 ERA. He is another pitcher I don’t trust, but I trust his opponent, David Hale, less.


Steven Vogt, Oakland: I love me some Vogt! Over his last 10 games, he’s batting .352 and slugging .532. Now, he gets a dumpster fire in Dave Hale. I love the A’s tonight.

Jonathan Lucroy, Milwaukee: The price is nice on Jonathan Lucroy. I like him versus Sean O’Sullivan in a hitters park. Lucroy has been batting 2nd and that’s a steal if you are fading the Blue Jay catchers.

First Basemen

Edwin Encarnacion, Toronto: Yes, you can pay up for Goldy and the Todd  father but I’m not going to do it. Save your money. I love stacking Toronto and tonight is no exception. I will have a lot of shares of Easy E.

Joey Votto, Cincinnati: Speaking of high upside cheap bats, there is Votto Loco! A home match-up versus Mike Pelfrey who is pitching way over his head. The match-up and ballpark factor make Votto a must play.

Second Basemen

Brian Dozier, Minnesota: Mr. Unappreciated. After a great series against Milwaukee, the Twins get another great park shift to the Great American Smallpark. His price tag is fairly high but with the lack of pitchers that shouldn’t be an issue.

Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati: Phillips welcomed Steven Matz to big leagues by drilling a home run off of him. Matz is a much better pitcher than Pelfrey, at least so far, and I expect more of the same from Phillips.

Third Basemen

Maikel Franco, Philadelphia: The Phillies stink, but Maikel Franco is the centerpiece you build around. Over his last 10 games, he is hitting .363 and slugging .712. There is no one hotter at the hot corner, you throw in his opponent, Jimmy Nelson and this has all the makings of a big night.

Joey Gallo, Texas: If you want a sneaky tournament play with good power, look no further. Pay attention to where he is in the order but if he is batting higher up he is almost a must start. Bud Norris is a disaster so I will have a few Rangers in my lineup.


Carlos Correa, Houston: I mean what else can I really say about this guy? He has been hitting for power, average and is swiping bags. He brings respectablity back to shortstop position. The only problem is he isn’t cheap on FanDuel, but is much easier to fit in on DraftKings.

Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado: For some reason, Tulo is always low-owned when he is away from Coors. This guy is a professional hitter no matter where he plays. Very sneaky play in cash and in tournaments, if you can afford him.


Mike Trout, Los Angeles: Priced under 5k on DraftKings this is an absolute steal against a pitcher who is having his worst year. Trout will be highly owned and he should be. The steals are down now that he’s batting third, but the man can do everything including 3 putt the final hole at the U.S. Open.

Torii Hunter, Minnesota: Swinging a super hot bat. Hunter has homered in two straight games and has been knocking the cover off the ball he probably won’t homer in 3 straight, but I’ll take a 2-4 night any day of the week.

Brett Gardner, New York: Speaking of guys who are knocking the cover off the ball, if you look at his last 10 games on DraftKings he is averaging 16.9 points a game. That is ridiculous. There are pitchers who don’t do that. Another main focus point of mine on Monday.

Team Stacks

Must Stacks: Reds, Twins, Diamondbacks, Dodgers and Blue Jays

Sneaky Stacks: Red Sox and Brewers

Good luck with your pitching selections and I hope you enjoyed my Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, June 29.

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