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Today we’ve got 11 games but only three this evening. Because of this my Daily Fantasy Baseball picks are going to focus on playing some afternoon ball where there are more options.

Don’t worry, your boss won’t notice if you check your phone every 15 minutes today as long as you are sly about it.

The game in Colorado is the only one Vegas puts over 10 with a 10.5 line as the Rockies take on the Diamondbacks. After that there are a handful of games with an 8 or 8.5 total so Coors is the place to target as usual, with a variety of other games to fill in the gaps.

Also check out today’s Extreme Platoon Splits to get an even bigger advantage.

When we look at pitching we have quite a few choices today without an obvious standout. Jacob deGrom is the highest priced pitcher at FanDuel and has a nice matchup against the Brewers, but you will pay for it. If you want to fit a couple mile-high guys on your crew you might have to save a few dollars with a bargain hurler.

Let’s see what our options are for this Thursday and get a lineup set!

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Thursday

Starting Pitchers

Sonny Gray, Oakland at Texas, $10,100

While his last outing was a clunker, that was an outlier. He has pitched well this year overall and should pick up after an off start. Texas strikes out just over 20 percent of the time against right-handers and is in the middle of the pack with a .255 average against them. I also like Dallas Keuchel and A.J. Burnett in this price range.

Chris Heston, San Francisco vs. San Diego, $7,400

Even though he threw a no-hitter a couple starts back, Heston is a big risk. He’s been erratic from start to start, but has shown professional level stuff when on. The Padres are hitting .241 against righties, putting them at 25th in the league and strike out 22.4 percent of the time against the right side, good for fifth place in the majors. So, the matchup looks good, he’s throwing at home in a good pitchers’ park and he’s over $3,000 less than deGrom today. This adds up to some heartburn, but a chance at a nice savings in the pitching slot.


Welington Castillo, Arizona at Colorado, $3,200

Castillo has played pretty well since coming over to the Diamondbacks, hitting .270 with three dingers. He’s a mile up today and gets a platoon split advantage.

Miguel Montero, Chicago Cubs vs. LA Dodgers, $2,400

Here’s your cheap option. If the wind is blowing out today at Wrigley, stack Cubs including Montero. His average hasn’t been great over the last few weeks, but he’s still hitting for power. If you have a legit shot at getting a home run for this price you are staying ahead of the curve.

First Basemen

Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona at Colorado, $6,000

The rule of thumb is to put Goldy  in any time he faces a left-handed starter. However, FanDuel is adjusting these days for Coors, which I’m in favor of since it keeps everyone from just loading up on Rockies games. The downside is the D-Backs first baseman in as expensive as some pitchers today. I really want to fit him in, but it’s a challenge unless you go very cheap in pitching.

Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs vs. LA Dodgers, $4,500

If you can’t make it work with Goldy, Rizzo is not a bad consolation prize. He gets a nice matchup today with an opposite-handed pitcher and is at home where the wind could turn any pop up into a four bagger.

Second Basemen

Danny Espinosa, Washington vs. Atlanta, 2,600

First, check to make sure Espinosa is in the lineup. The chances are good since the Nationals keep finding somewhere to fit him in each day. He’s been a solid hitter when starting and will face Matt Wisler in his second major league start.

Addison Russell, Chicago Cubs vs. LA Dodgers, $2,500

I like Russell today, but I have some concern as well. Joe Maddon maddens me by continuing to bat Russell in the nine-hole, limiting his potential in the daily game. He’s going against a righty today in Carlos Frias, but he actually has been a reverse splits guy this year, hitting righties much better than lefties. It looks like Russell has started to get big league pitching and has been seeing the ball lately. If I need to save money his price looks very attractive.

Third Basemen

Brett Lawrie, Oakland at Texas, $3,000

Lawrie is hitting just south of .400 over his last 10 games with 15 hits including a grand slam the other night. He’s another reverse splits guy and hits almost .300 for his career against righties. Colby Lewis has actually been pitching pretty well, but Lawrie is hitting everyone right now.

Pablo Sandoval, Boston vs. Baltimore, $2,700

Even with the Instagram teasing and sprained ankle Sandoval has started to bring his bat out of storage. His 16 hits over the last 10 games have brought his batting average up to .279 for the season.


Marcus Semien, Oakland at Texas, $2,400

Semien’s defense has been less than the Athletics hoped for, but who cares as long as he holds his job? We certainly don’t in the Daily Fantasy world. His offense is what we are interested in and that has been great for a shortstop all season. I feel like Colby Lewis could have some correction towards mediocrity today and so I will target some A’s where I can.

J.J. Hardy, Baltimore at Boston, $2,300

While Eduardo Rodriguez has looked good for the most part, the Orioles hit lefties well and could generate some runs today. Hardy is cheap and I plan to punt shortstop for the most part while trying to squeeze some big name guys with good match ups in elsewhere.


Yasmany Tomas, Arizona at Colorado, $3,600

With the Coors corrections in play, Tomas is one of the few outfielders in Colorado I can afford today. I’d like to move up to A.J. Pollock but don’t think I can except in tournament plays where I take a bargain pitcher.

Denard Span, Washington at Atlanta, $3,300

Span has hits in eight of the last ten games batting lead off for the Nationals. He’s a nice mid price option that brings consistency in a cash game. He doesn’t tend to throw three homers out of the park, but he gets a hit or two and scores runs every day which is what you need in a cash setup.

Alex Guerrero, LA Dodgers at Chicago Cubs, $2,200

This is sort of a long shot since Guerrero has been pinch hitting for the most part lately. However, the Dodgers face a lefty today and Yasiel Puig is dealing with yet another minor issue that held him out yesterday. I’m guessing Guerrero gets into the lineup in Wrigley where his power could do some damage.

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