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Today we get a difficult seven-game slate. There will be plenty of pitchers to pick from that are in great match-ups. The bats…not so much! (Borat voice) There isn’t a particular ballpark I’m in love with, save for Yankee stadium, but of course the Phillies are the other half of that matchup and unless Michael Wacha is pitching, I want no part of the Phillies.

Then there is John Danks. I typically love stacking against him, but Minnesota’s park is ginormous, eh, you know what, it’s John Danks. I’ll be stacking right-handed Twins.

Also check out the hitter’s who have the most extreme platoon splits for today’s games.

Anyways, here are my Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, June 22, 2015.


Clayton Kershaw – Going against a team who strikes out more than Dustin Johnson at the U.S. Open. Kershaw is expensive against the Cubs but will be worth it.

Michael Pineda – Gets to face everyone’s favorite team to pitch against in the Phillies. A $2000 savings on Fanduel from Kershaw but with the lack of elite bats I don’t know if I fade Kershaw.


Yasmani Grandal – Coming off of a superb Sunday I expect him to keep it rolling on Monday.

Victor Martinez – Speaking of good Sunday’s V-Mart fits that profile. Now that there is someone to protect Miggy Smalls I expect V-Mart will get plenty of pitches to hit.

First Base

Mark Teixeira – Gets to face the trash that is Kevin Correia. Sounds good to me!

Jose Abreu – He has only hit 12 Home Runs this season, but he is starting to heat up. 3 of those Home Runs came in the last 15 games so there’s that. There are not a lot of options at first considering the number of aces going today.

Second Base

Brian Dozier – Speaking of no options…Oh, yeah, a rightie versus John Stanks!

Robinson Cano – Still the table minimum. I’m playing him until he’s either dead or gets a price increase!

Third Base

Justin Turner – Yeah, buddy! The dude seriously looks like a full-size lawn gnome and I love it. If his picture isn’t enough to draft him maybe his stats are. Over his last seven games, he’s batting .364 with the 3 Home Runs and 6 RBIs.

Trevor Plouffe – A discount on FanDuel! $2800 gets you a rightie versus our friend, John Danks.


Francisco Lindor – He hasn’t flashed onto the scene like Kris Bryant or Joey Gallo, but he is the minimum on FanDuel and with the studs pitching you will need value. He has been batting second and that helps.

Carlos Correa – If you really want to pay up, go big. Correa has been scorching hot, batting a wonderful .355 over his last 7 games. The Angels park is a neutral ballpark in the fact the it doesn’t favor pitching or hitting but with a lot of aces on the mound tonight I like Correa.


Brett Gardner – Chances are you’re playing lefties in Yankee stadium. So why not Gardner? Besides you don’t really want to pay up for Trout or Joey Bats, so save your money!

J.D. Martinez – There is still room on the J-Mart bandwagon. After hitting 3 home runs on Sunday, I doubt we see a repeat performance, but I do love the middle of the Tigers order now that V-Mart is back.

Joc Pederson – Since Puig has been back Pederson has been batting second and that’s perfectly fine with me. He should be able to drive in more runs now. Love the price, love the power, love the matchup.

Outside of the aforementioned bats, I will be looking to stack Dodgers, Twins, and Yankees. Also, on two-pitcher sites don’t sleep on the Rays. Usually, you can get the best two pitchers and stack all of the Rays because of their price tags. Despite the record, I do not fear Drew Hutchison. His ERA is lofty 5.33. It must be nice to have run support. The Rays are typically low-owned, so stack away!

Good Luck and I hope you enjoyed my Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, June 22.

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

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