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Hello and welcome to the Memorial Day edition of my Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, May 25.

Today, there is plenty of day and night baseball. We will do our best to cover the all day slate that way you can decide if you would like to play the day, the night or all day.

In honor of Memorial Day I would like to remember the Montreal Expos. Can you imagine if they would have kept that team together. Your starting pitchers, Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson. Ugueth Urbina to close the door. The bats they had were Larry Walker, Moises Alou and Vladimir Guerrero and Cliff Floyd.

It’s hard to say if they could have and would have stayed together but man it would have been sweet to watch.

Anyways, I digress. Let’s get to today picks.

Editors note- No Posey, No Cabrera. Sad face for sure…

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, May 25

Starting Pitchers

Dallas Keuchel: Dallas is the most expensive pitcher today. Does that mean he’s the best? I’m not so sure. It’s hard to not start him considering the Marlins pitchers gave Baltimore all they could handle this weekend but we know the Orioles can smash with the best of them. Start at your own risk.

Jake Odorizzi: I like Jake from State Farm a bit more but he is night only. The Cardinals are a risky endeavor as well but they do strike out a bit. Just ask Corey Kluber.


Buster Posey: Currently on fire and he won’t have to wait on a rain delay to play. Make sure he is the lineup but he is my top overall catcher today.

Russell Martin: Another home game for the Blue Jays another problem Hector Noesi. I’ll be stacking Jays today.

First Basemen

Miguel Cabrera: I know, I know, an easy selection but he has some of the weirdest day splits ever. He bats .447 during the day and .397 on the road. My must play at first base.

Edwin Encarnacion- Another Blue Jay I will be getting in my lineup. The match-up is to sweet to ignore.

Second Basemen

Dustin Pedroia: I’d love to get Brian Dozier in somehow but the price for Dozier is too high. Looking for a cheap alternative? Look no further than Pedroia.

Dee Gordon: He had four swipes in a game on Friday. Too bad he plays for Miami.

Third Basemen

Yunel Escobar: Still cheap, still ignored. Not by me. He has been a staple for me all year and he hits in front of Bryce Harper. So he is getting pitches to hit.

Josh Donaldson: Really the only option for third base on the night slate.


I would just punt it. If you want to get crazy go with Brandon Crawford at day. At night Jose Reyes is expected back and could be a sneaky low owned shortstop.


During the day:

Carlos Gomez: Having a much better May than April. I like the Brewers as a sneaky stack.

Yoenis Cespedes: Returns to Oaktown in what could be a revenge game.

Michael Bourn: His price is low, sure he is batting ninth these days but there is too much upside for me to ignore. Cheap punt play that allows you to fit in Mike Cabrera.

Billy Burns: Make sure he is in the line-up but he does lead off and is a cheap option, who can get steals.

At night:

Giancarlo Stanton: Cheaper than Trout and gets to face a worse pitcher in Chad Morton.

Chris Colabello: Has been on fire as of late. We saw this last year from him so you better jump on while you can because when the milk goes bad, it goes real bad. He’s also very cheap.

Matt Kemp: His price is too low on Fanduel to pass up. $2300 are you kidding me? This is also a sign on how bad it has gotten for Kemp.

Good luck in what will hopefully be a Memorial Day you won’t forget. Enjoy your grilling, some baseball and our Daily Fantasy Baseball picks for Monday!

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