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Here we are! Finally, major league baseball and Tameka are in full effect. No diggity, no doubt! That’s right my loyal readers, we are going to once again touch on the basics for Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy for Draftkings.

Now some of this is a rehash from last year, but it still holds true. As of this article, Draftkings did make life a little more difficult by only allowing five batters from the same team instead of six, but that certainly didn’t slow me down. Also, I’ve heard grumblings that they may heavily price up Coors hitters. That kind of sucks but we’ve seen this before with hitters in Toronto so we will deal with it.

Before we get started, know that baseball is my most profitable sport and I want to share what works for me. Also, remember that it is YOUR money and I’m not going to tell you what to do with. So, the next time someone blasts you for focusing on Coors games, politely let them know that they aren’t paying you when you lose. Is stacking Coors games cheap? I don’t know and I don’t care.

With my strategy, game selection is very, very important. In general, game selection is important in DFS but in baseball for this strategy, we have to target slates with 2-to-3 games. Usually, day baseball, west coast or late night slates work the best.

Big slates are not going to be your friends for this strategy unless you have a large bankroll or feel like getting cray-cray in the quarter arcade. So, one last final reminder. Remember, we want to focus on the short slates in DraftKings.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy for Draftkings

It should be noted that I use this strategy strictly for tournaments. Yes, this strategy can and will work for cash. It can also ruin your night, but hey it’s your money.

Ok, so what is the strategy? As of this article, Draftkings allows a stack of five hitters on a team. That’s right, five hitters! Whereas on Fanduel, you are only allowed four players from a team including pitching. So, what I like to do is stack the top five hitters on each team that is on the slate. Yes, even if it is the Padres! After I have stacked the hitters, I pair them with each set of pitchers on that slate.

So, let’s use the following teams and assume this is a two-game slate. In this example, we are going to use the Dodgers, Giants, Mariners and A’s. We are also going to assume that this isn’t a night where we see Clayton Kershaw, Madison Bumgarner, Felix Hernandez and whatever jockey the A’s trot out there. Maybe only get one ace or maybe it’s everyone’s third or fourth pitcher in the rotation. If it is the third or fourth guy, we can load up on hitting. If we have a few aces going, things become a little more difficult due to the salary cap.


So, if you’re still following along, your line-up(s) should go like this.

Lineup 1

Dodgers or Giants starter, A’s starter, the Top 5 A’s batters and fill the two other spots with available cap space.

Lineup 2

Dodgers or Giants starter, Mariners starter, the Top 5 Mariners batters and fill the two other spots with available cap space.

Lineup 3

A’s or Mariners Starter, Dodgers starter, the Top 5 Dodgers batters and fill the two other spots with available cap space.

Lineup 4

A’s or Mariners starter, Giants starter, the Top 5 Giants batters and fill the other spots with available cap space.

Just a note. It is possible to run enough lineups to cover every pitcher on such a short slate and if your bankroll allows it, I would recommend doing so. There’s always the chance all pitching could get killed, but everyone’s lineup will more than likely be in the same boat.


How to be Contrarian

Hopefully, you got the jest of the process. Now, this strategy is no secret or perhaps it was and now it’s out there so we need to find a way to differentiate from the crowd and there are a few ways we can do this.

  • Take pitchers from the same game. So say the A’s and Mariners have a game total of six and the Dodgers-Giants has a game total of eight. When you are stacking the Dodgers and Giants, try using both pitchers from A’s and Mariners game. Yes, you MAY lose out on the four points for a win, but nothing is guaranteed in baseball. As of last year, there were plenty of DFS players who feel that they just had to have that win and if a game blows up, well that can only be good news for you.
  • Run a stack that involves the bottom 1/3 of the lineup. Yes, ideally you want 1-5, but who is to say you can afford the top of the lineup hitters and the top pitchers. By getting the 7, 8 and 9 hitters you really start to differentiate yourself from the pack. Now granted, they may not get the ABs you want, but all it takes is for Andrew Susac to go 1-3 with a HR and three RBIs.
  • Run a  stack against an ace. Whenever Clayton Kershaw pitches, I always run out a stack against him. No, it’s not ideal and I don’t recommend doing it, but when the Diamondbacks blow him up, it’s worth the price of admission. If you are running this strategy on a two or three game slate, I implore you to do this anyway, but in a large slate I wouldn’t advise stacking against an ace unless its a tournament.
  • Use a pitcher in Colorado. This is a strategy I wouldn’t go banana’s over but it will always provide with a low owned pitcher. Believe it or not, the Rockies pitching staff isn’t awful, they just pitch in an environment where the ball is #goneforever. Conversely, fading Coors hitters is the ultimate middle finger in contrarian play.


Sample Lineup



Now as you can see in the sample above, we took the top hitters on the Diamondbacks and paired them with some aces. This should be your strategy on most nights. Don’t get cute with pitching, it is hardly worth it. Also, remember sometimes it’s impossible to stack the Top 5 hitters, especially on teams like the A’s because DraftKings just gives them outfield eligibility.


Final Thoughts

Remember this is a strategy that works for me. Just like anything in DFS, this strategy is not guaranteed 100%. Practice bankroll management and stay patient with the process. As I mentioned before and if you can afford it, I would try to get every pitching combination available, especially on a two-game slate. Lastly, I’m making it a point to include Trevor Story in every article I write this season. This dude is my man crush!

Good Luck this year!


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