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Daily leagues continue to dominate the game of Fantasy Sports, and make us traditionalists, us season long Fantasy Baseball players, look like dinosaurs. If you have not heard, get with the times, and if you have heard, by now you know, we all must adapt to the majority, or die with the minority.

For this, I propose an alternative to the “Kings” of daily leagues, and an alternative to the traditional salary cap lineup,

I will never understand how FanDuel can fill leagues with over 100,000 entries every night, yet I struggle to find 10 people willing to play a deep, NL-Only league. But, I digress.

In saying that, for the majority that have not only heard of the daily leagues, but play in them, I am positive we have all played on FanDuel (mentioned above) and DraftKings. Mainly, we have all heard of these sites, because they continue to take over the other sites that seem to gain some steam over the past few years. Any DraftStreet and StarStreet fans out there? Oh, those were the days.

Unfortunately, though, while we have all heard of these sites, so have the Daily League “Sharks.” The experts, the players with hours, upon hours of time to sit at their computer, look at batter-pitcher splits, home-road splits, among numerous other statistics, and make that perfect lineup.

How Can Everybody Else Compete in Daily Fantasy Baseball?

So, what are us full-time, office workers to do after we get off work at 5:00, and only have an hour to put a lineup together? Obviously, we can’t compete with the “sharks.” And, I would guess, for those who have tried to compete with them, you may have pulled out a few solid lineups, a few big cash prizes, but in the long haul, if you continue to play, continue to increase your “buy-ins,” you have lost.

No, it is not the lottery, and yes, obviously given my profession, I do not believe it is luck, but I also know and recognize that it is not coincidental that you, or at least I, have always hit that rough stretch, where for a week I can’t seem to cash a lineup to save my life.

It’s not your fault, and if I have any respect for my own intelligence, I don’t believe it is my fault, we just do not have the time or resources to compete with the guys analyzing their lineup from 9:00 in the morning, until first pitch that night.

Sports Tradex: The DFS Alternative

Instead, I propose the alternative, The best thing about this Daily Fantasy site are the alternative options it proposes compared to the traditional salary cap leagues.

While a salary cap league limits your options in a way (only one 1B plus a utility man, only one or two pitchers), with their “Tiered Draft” contests, this website offers a different setup.


You could potentially select three starters some nights, as you pick from four different brackets of players to fill out a lineup (an A group usually consists of pitchers, a B group consists of elite hitters, and sometimes lower end pitchers, and then you also have the C and D groups with the lesser options).  Perhaps there are three first baseman you really like, with the draft style lineups, you can pick all three into one lineup potentially.

If that’s not unique enough, their “Pick’em Contests” is perhaps the newest style to daily leagues I have seen yet. With this option, you have the ability to essentially select up to 24 players (select 8 “groups” out of 10 options of 3 players in each group), and all you need them to do is beat out the three they matchup against. This truly offers you the most variety.


Perhaps you just had a “hunch” Sunday that Drew Pomeranz was going to mow over the Houston Astros, but did not trust the hunch enough to spend on him in a salary cap league.

In this format, they offered a tier of Pomeranz, as well as Jacoby Ellsbury and Jorge Soler, where all they had to do was outperform the group they matched up with (Evan Longoria, Matt Kemp and Lance Lynn). You choose between 10 sets of players like this (you only need to choose eight of the 10), and whoever gets the most sets of players right, wins the tournament. Or if you’re in a 50/50, you only have to finish in the top half!

If you want the traditional salary cap leagues, feel free to stick with DraftKings or FanDuel, but for a fresh feel and a different approach Sports Tradex is the place to go.

Without a doubt, SportsTradex is one of the most unique and interested DFS sites out there — and you should give it a shot!

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