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This NFL season is taking a path that is impossible to predict. Between injuries to star players and ineffectiveness from a host of players drafted in the first two rounds, it’s been hard to identify trends and patterns.

While the chaos opens up plenty of opportunities in both DFS and season-long Fantasy Football, it’s also made it very difficult to gain any kind of consistency.

What it’s also done is make identifying positive matchups even more important than in the past. It seems like there are fewer players than ever that you can just pencil in.

Play your studs you say? That’s fine. Care to tell me who they are? I thought Marshawn Lynch and Eddie Lacy were studs. Andrew Luck is supposed to be the next big thing. Jamaal Charles is done for the season and Dez Bryant has been of no use. What’s a Fantasy owner to do?

I’m glad you asked. When you can’t rely on the stars to produce, you have to find the lesser players with the best matchups. That’s where Fantasy Points Allowed by Position comes in.

What is Fantasy Points Allowed by Position?

New to Fantasy Points Allowed by Position (FPAbP)? It’s really a very simple concept. Each NFL defense has different strengths and weaknesses. FPAbP simply measures those weaknesses by looking at the number of Fantasy points they allow to each of the skill positions.

FPAbP takes the statistics surrounding Pass Defense and Run Defense to a more focused level and applies it in a way that directly applies to Fantasy. At the quarter point of the NFL season, I’m not sure there’s a better way to identify quality matchups and maximize the value you get in your DFS lineups.

Below is the Fantasy Points Allowed by Position data for Week 4, customized for five different DFS sites. Use it to find low priced values and the studs with the best matchups each week.

Again, four weeks is where we really need to start leaning on this year’s numbers, but a look at Fantasy Points Allowed by Position for the 2014 season can’t hurt. To be honest, there aren’t too many teams that have successfully overhauled their defenses.

2015 Fantasy Points Allowed by Position After Week 5

[su_tabs][su_tabs] [su_tab title=”FanDuel”]

 Arizona Cardinals15.720.127.55.8
 Atlanta Falcons15.831.425.69.9
 Baltimore Ravens22.518.938.76.7
 Buffalo Bills19.018.233.310.8
 Carolina Panthers14.824.528.05.0
 Chicago Bears17.919.128.86.5
 Cincinnati Bengals17.223.328.97.8
 Cleveland Browns21.129.528.010.2
 Dallas Cowboys17.828.825.87.1
 Denver Broncos10.623.918.57.6
 Detroit Lions19.624.032.111.7
 Green Bay Packers14.619.620.68.1
 Houston Texans19.024.326.28.8
 Indianapolis Colts19.021.335.97.5
 Jacksonville Jaguars17.728.124.711.7
 Kansas City Chiefs23.
 Miami Dolphins17.621.931.58.6
 Minnesota Vikings15.221.327.89.7
 New England Patriots17.919.029.510.0
 New Orleans Saints22.024.624.516.5
 New York Giants18.723.326.716.7
 New York Jets13.614.024.36.3
 Oakland Raiders17.819.428.218.2
 Philadelphia Eagles19.115.638.48.0
 Pittsburgh Steelers18.816.325.118.2
 San Diego Chargers15.430.019.110.2
 San Francisco 49ers20.326.134.511.1
 Seattle Seahawks16.613.519.613.9
 St. Louis Rams14.623.026.97.8
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers19.421.734.75.4
 Tennessee Titans17.915.323.210.2
 Washington Redskins15.515.027.310.1
FanDuel Scoring: Passing TD = 4 pts. | Pass Yds. = .04 | Int. = -1 | Rush TD = 6 pts. | Rush Yds. = .10 | Rec. = .50 | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | 2 pt. Conv. = 2 pts. [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”DraftKings”]
 Arizona Cardinals16.324.533.28.1
 Atlanta Falcons16.436.933.912.0
 Baltimore Ravens24.322.248.99.1
 Buffalo Bills19.620.641.714.3
 Carolina Panthers15.629.436.86.1
 Chicago Bears17.921.435.08.3
 Cincinnati Bengals18.427.836.510.4
 Cleveland Browns22.333.134.012.2
 Dallas Cowboys18.433.433.09.1
 Denver Broncos10.628.823.99.5
 Detroit Lions20.826.739.914.1
 Green Bay Packers14.623.025.410.2
 Houston Texans19.026.332.911.3
 Indianapolis Colts20.224.644.710.0
 Jacksonville Jaguars18.932.432.214.7
 Kansas City Chiefs24.220.655.18.7
 Miami Dolphins17.625.138.910.3
 Minnesota Vikings15.224.835.812.0
 New England Patriots18.722.736.212.5
 New Orleans Saints23.827.029.220.1
 New York Giants20.526.836.021.0
 New York Jets13.616.830.67.8
 Oakland Raiders19.022.537.222.0
 Philadelphia Eagles19.718.549.110.8
 Pittsburgh Steelers20.019.933.021.8
 San Diego Chargers16.
 San Francisco 49ers22.129.843.313.7
 Seattle Seahawks17.215.925.816.5
 St Louis Rams15.226.635.110.0
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers20.
 Tennessee Titans17.916.327.712.7
 Washington Redskins15.517.633.312.8
DraftKings Scoring: Passing TD = 4 pts. | Pass Yds. = .04 |300 Yd Pass = 3 pts. | Int. = -1 | Rush TD = 6 pts. | Rush Yds. = .10 | 100 Yd Rush = 3 pts. | Rec. = 1 pt. | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | 100 Yd Rec = 3 pts. | 2 pt. Conv. = 2 pts. [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”FantasyAces”]
 Arizona Cardinals15.920.127.55.8
 Atlanta Falcons17.531.425.69.9
 Baltimore Ravens24.818.938.76.7
 Buffalo Bills20.518.233.310.8
 Carolina Panthers15.424.528.05.0
 Chicago Bears19.519.128.86.5
 Cincinnati Bengals19.223.328.97.8
 Cleveland Browns23.529.528.010.2
 Dallas Cowboys20.128.825.87.1
 Denver Broncos11.423.918.57.6
 Detroit Lions21.724.032.111.7
 Green Bay Packers15.019.620.68.1
 Houston Texans20.924.326.28.8
 Indianapolis Colts20.921.335.97.5
 Jacksonville Jaguars20.328.124.711.7
 Kansas City Chiefs25.619.144.76.9
 Miami Dolphins19.321.931.58.6
 Minnesota Vikings16.621.327.89.7
 New England Patriots19.019.029.510.0
 New Orleans Saints24.424.624.516.5
 New York Giants20.823.326.716.7
 New York Jets14.
 Oakland Raiders19.919.428.218.2
 Philadelphia Eagles20.815.638.48.0
 Pittsburgh Steelers21.016.325.118.2
 San Diego Chargers16.830.019.110.2
 San Francisco 49ers22.826.134.511.1
 Seattle Seahawks18.713.519.613.9
 St. Louis Rams16.
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers21.021.734.75.4
 Tennessee Titans18.815.323.210.2
 Washington Redskins17.415.027.310.1
Fantasy Aces Scoring: Passing TD = 4 pts. | Pass Yds. = .05 | Int. = -2 | Rush TD = 6 pts. | Rush Yds. = .10 | Rec. = .5 | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | 2 pt. Conv. = 2 pts [/su_tab]  [su_tab title=”Draftster”]
 Arizona Cardinals16.324.533.29.3
 Atlanta Falcons16.436.333.912.0
 Baltimore Ravens24.322.248.98.5
 Buffalo Bills19.620.641.713.7
 Carolina Panthers15.629.436.86.8
 Chicago Bears17.921.435.08.9
 Cincinnati Bengals18.427.836.511.0
 Cleveland Browns22.333.134.012.8
 Dallas Cowboys18.433.433.09.7
 Denver Broncos10.629.423.910.1
 Detroit Lions20.826.739.914.7
 Green Bay Packers14.623.025.411.4
 Houston Texans19.026.332.910.7
 Indianapolis Colts20.225.244.711.8
 Jacksonville Jaguars18.932.432.214.1
 Kansas City Chiefs24.220.655.18.7
 Miami Dolphins17.625.138.910.3
 Minnesota Vikings15.224.835.812.7
 New England Patriots18.722.736.214.0
 New Orleans Saints23.828.229.219.5
 New York Giants20.526.836.020.4
 New York Jets13.616.830.67.8
 Oakland Raiders19.022.537.221.4
 Philadelphia Eagles19.718.549.112.0
 Pittsburgh Steelers20.019.933.022.4
 San Diego Chargers16.
 San Francisco 49ers22.129.843.314.3
 Seattle Seahawks17.215.925.816.5
 St Louis Rams15.226.635.110.0
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers20.
 Tennessee Titans17.916.327.711.9
 Washington Redskins15.517.633.314.0
Draftster Scoring: Passing TD = 4 pts. | Pass Yds. = .04 |300 Yd Pass = 3 pts. | Int. = -1 | Rush TD = 6 pts. | Rush Yds. = .10 | 100 Yd Rush = 3 pts. | Rec. = 1 pt. | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | 100 Yd Rec = 3 pts. | 2 pt. Conv. = 2 pts. [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”FanThrowdown”]
 Arizona Cardinals15.723.933.28.1
 Atlanta Falcons15.836.332.112.0
 Baltimore Ravens22.521.647.18.5
 Buffalo Bills19.020.641.113.7
 Carolina Panthers14.828.636.06.1
 Chicago Bears17.920.834.48.3
 Cincinnati Bengals17.227.235.310.4
 Cleveland Browns21.131.933.412.2
 Dallas Cowboys17.832.831.89.1
 Denver Broncos10.628.223.99.5
 Detroit Lions19.625.539.314.1
 Green Bay Packers14.621.824.810.2
 Houston Texans19.026.331.710.7
 Indianapolis Colts19.024.042.910.0
 Jacksonville Jaguars17.731.831.014.1
 Kansas City Chiefs23.020.653.38.7
 Miami Dolphins17.622.938.110.3
 Minnesota Vikings15.223.335.112.0
 New England Patriots17.922.035.512.5
 New Orleans Saints22.
 New York Giants18.726.834.220.4
 New York Jets13.616.029.87.8
 Oakland Raiders17.822.535.421.4
 Philadelphia Eagles19.118.546.710.8
 Pittsburgh Steelers18.819.331.821.8
 San Diego Chargers15.433.223.212.1
 San Francisco 49ers20.329.241.513.7
 Seattle Seahawks16.615.925.216.5
 St. Louis Rams14.626.034.510.0
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers19.423.441.26.7
 Tennessee Titans17.916.326.911.9
 Washington Redskins15.517.032.712.8
Fan Throwdown Scoring: Passing TD = 4 pts. | Pass Yds. = .04 | Int. = -1 | Rush TD = 6 pts. | Rush Yds. = .10 | Rec. = 1.0 | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | 2 pt. Conv. = 2 pts. [/su_tab]  [/su_tabs]

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