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Last week I dove in to Fanamana, the mobile only DFS game and pointed out some hitters to target, some Introductory Strategies, and some pitchers to Attack and Avoid. I hope you enjoyed them and most importantly actually utilized them in your own Fanamana games. If you haven’t tried the game yet, well no worries, but make this week the one where you take the plunge. You can find out how and where to play in my site review post here.

I fared very well in my first full week of play narrowly losing my first place lead in the Win Emack’s Money tournament. I ended up finishing second, and hauling in $5 free bucks. There are plenty of games, and although it is a daily style game, you do not have to complete your matches in a day. In fact I wouldn’t recommend that at all.

Ok, I will have another strategy post this week very soon, and hope it can help you and myself finish near the top once again this week. Please try the game out, you will love it, and start with the free contests to get your feet wet. has plenty of info, but remember it is a mobile only platform.

Hitters to Target For the Remainder of Week 6

Dodgers Hottest Three Hitters vs Miami and Colorado

I know this is kind of a weak take, but it is legitimate. Miami and Colorado are not intimidating pitching staffs, and even if they were the Dodgers have shown it doesn’t matter this season. For that reason I will be using Joc Pederson, Adrian Gonzalez, and Yasmani Grandal. All three have continued their hot streaks last week. Pederson struggled the most with 9 k’s and hot for .220, but he also stole a base, and hit two home runs. Grandal hit .500, although only in 12 at-bats he is swinging a hot stick right now.

Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals vs Arizona and San Diego

I don’t think much needs to say about Harper’s week last week besides it was spectacular. I will target he and Mike Trout most frequently because of talent alone. Harper however has shown signs of maturity, and discipline at the plate so far. He already has 28 Walks for example. He only had 38 in all of 2014! So basically this season Harper is hitting the ball, hitting for power AND taking a walk. That is very valuable in Fanamana, as well as Fantasy Baseball in general.

Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves vs Miami and Tampa Bay

Freeman has been pitching matchup proof this year, and although he may not be able to knock in as many RBI, or score as many runs this season it doesn’t matter on Fanamana. What matters is each individual at-bat  for each individual player. Freeman is an absolute beast this season, and this past week slashed .542/.593/.875 with a home run, six RBI and five doubles. It doesn’t matter when Freeman is up, just use him on Fanamana.

Brandon Belt, San Francisco Giants vs Houston and Cincinnati

This one may seem a little crazy but Belt has been hitting very well when he is playing the past week. He has not hit a home run however that could come this week facing several right handed pitchers. Belt slashed .524/.600/.809 along with 4 doubles and a triple. All very good things on Fanamana. Use Belt early in an inning on Fanamana, and if possible later in the game in the live game situation.

Other Safe Bets:

Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout, and Anthony Rizzo

Good Luck this week!

If you haven’t downloaded the fanamana app yet, do it now and join the fun here.

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