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This past week life got in the way of my Fanamana addiction so I could not play as much as I had been. That being said it is now time to get back in to the game full-strength this week. To do that, it is always good to have a game plan before starting your games.

Although there is nothing wrong with choosing batters willy-nilly, especially in a freeroll. It is actually what makes the game so great. The opportunity to select any hitter on deck, at any point in the game to change the outcome is what makes Fanamana the DFS game where you truly have control.

Obviously, you can’t predict the future, a hit, a home run, a stolen base, or a ground out in to a double play. What you can do is rely on patience, and hand-pick each batter to ensure you get the best possible outcome. No guarantees of course, but why not take the better odds?

So with this let’s once again give a few suggestions to help you in your own Fanamana games. Haven’t played yet? Now is the time to jump in. Get started by downloading the app here on iOS or Android. If you are on an Android device, you’ll have to take this extra step and download the app directly from Fanamana since cash gaming is not permitted on Google Play. Start by joining this weekly contest for free and win too!


You can play and finish in one night, or you can take your time and use every day available to you to try and win. Both have their advantages of course. I prefer to spread my games out so far. I have fallen in to the trap of getting a few hits or walks and even a few runs and then wasting outs and at bats to finish the game.

Have a plan, play it out and hopefully victory will be yours.

Set Your Sights On These Fanamana Hitters

Evan Gattis vs Baltimore and @ Toronto

Gattis is an all or nothing player. He strikes out plenty but as you should by now if and when he connects the ball flys a very long way. I like using Gattis as a hitter when I have a runner or more on base and an out to spare. He is just as much of a threat to end innings as to knocking in runs.

Trevor Plouffe @Boston and vs Milwaukee

Plouffe is a player who has been consistent and hitting well this season. However, you need to look for the matchups when he is facing a left-handed pitcher. That is when Plouffe becomes other-worldly. Boston has a mediocre pitching staff and Milwaukee will be playing my beloved Twins at home where they are nearly indestructible.

Troy Tulowitzki vs Los Angeles and Miami

The Rockies have a seven game home stretch and although they will face some tough pitching versus the Dodgers we all know how the ball sails in Colorado. Tulowitzki could be ready to have a monster week this season once Kershaw and Greinke are out-of-the-way.

That should be a few hitters you can target for the upcoming week in Fanamana. Have fun and feel free to look for me in the freeroll, and other games. Heck, talk some trash if you end up defeating me!

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