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I had a lull in my Fanamana playing with the long weekend and Memorial day holiday.

However, I still squeezed in a few contests like a true degenerate would. Reminder that the link above only works on a mobile device.

Haven’t tried yet? Try the game out today.

Get started by downloading the app here on iOS or Android. If you are on an Android device, you’ll have to take this extra step and download the app directly from Fanamana since cash gaming is not permitted on Google Play. Start by joining this weekly contest for free and win too!

I’m still considering myself a rookie to this mobile only DFS game, I am consistently finding tricks that seem to work, and some that backfire as well. As long as I play and discover these tips, I will continue to provide some of them to you each week.

Screenshot_2015-05-22-19-58-35This last week of games I struggled more choosing the wrong at-bats or accidentally clicking on players I didn’t want.

One at-bat, I chose Bryce Harper and he just walked. His next appearance was a home run.

I also somehow tapped a player twice because it didn’t seem to work, and ended up getting Chris Ianetta to hit for me!

Terrible, I couldn’t cancel it before his first pitch. Well, he ended up hitting a home run, so I guess I am brilliant after all.

Clearly what happened above was luck induced, but there are still plenty of things you can do to try to ensure success in your Fanamana contests.

Fanamana 101: Strategies to Keep Winning

Go for Power Hitters Every Now and Then, But Be Patient

Sure you would love to use Giancarlo Stanton, Chris Davis, or Edwin Encarnacion for their higher probability to hit one out of the park. don’t get me wrong, a home run is ALWAYS valuable in fanamana, but if you are aiming for a power hitter try to do it when it will do the most damage in your game. If you have two outs and no base runners for example you may not want to risk using an all or nothing hitter like Davis.

However, if you have two baserunners and no outs or one out, why not? That is the time to swing for the fences. Stanton and Encarnacion are far more likely to walk than Davis, so the inherent risk of getting an out is lower with certain sluggers.

Some Players Should Be Avoided Altogether

Players who rely on speed and have low batting averages, or OBP such as Billy Hamilton, Dee Gordon really supply no value in Fanamana, at least more so than a player who walks or is more likely to get a hit. So while they are valuable in most Fantasy formats I would avoid them in this particular game.

Use Other Apps To Help Dominate

This one may seem a little obvious, but it may not be. I have been using an app such as OwnersBox to get some help lately. Besides knowing the daily lineups for each team of players you would like to target you still can’t always be on your device waiting to select your hitters.

That is where OwnersBox can help. You target your hitters for the days games, find out who they are hitting behind (I use MLB Daily Lineups from RotoWire) and select those players in the app. Once you select these players you can set notifications within OwnersBox.

Example: You want to use Bryce Harper, and he is hitting behind Ryan Zimmerman and Ian Desmond that night. Select one of those hitters, and the app can notify you when they are at bat. That is your cue to dash to Fanamana and wait for Bryce Harper.

I love me some Fanamana! Try it out for yourself!

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