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Another eventful and challenging week on Fanamana so far. I tried to slim down my coinciding contests trust me it is hard to do, and focus on only a few at a time this week.

Haven’t tried yet? Try the game out today. Get started by downloading the app here on iOS or Android. If you are on an Android device, you’ll have to take this extra step and download the app directly from Fanamana since cash gaming is not permitted on Google Play. Start by joining this weekly contest for free and win too!”

With each night and day of playing it seems I discover a new trick, or something I think could be advantageous to myself and the readers. However, nothing is a guarantee and since it is a game that focuses on one particular at bat you simply can’t begin to predict it.

Who knows, maybe the game will catch on like wildfire. Perhaps there will be data collection on Batters versus Pitcher numbers in particular innings or their pitching statistics with a lead or deficit history as games progress. Maybe their will be an app that can adjust on the fly and estimate likelihood of getting hits.

Maybe there is an app like this already? If there is I will certainly try to utilize it :) That being said what is the fun of a predictable game? Not much. Yet I enjoy winning, and when there is a chance to win money too I am all in.

So, I am going to continue to provide strategies, hitters and pitchers to use and attack. I listed the pitchers I would target hitting against earlier this week here. For hitters I will try to find some players to lock your sights on for the long weekend, and hopefully help you win, or at least fare well over the next few days.

I especially hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend celebrating, grilling, watching baseball, and most importantly remembering those who the day is intended for! Now let’s rack up some runs in Fanamana shall we?

Set Your Sights On These Fanamana Hitters

Ryan Braun vs Atlanta Braves (Alex Wood, Shelby Miller, and Mike Foltynewicz)

Over the past seven days Braun has been the best hitter in Baseball. The only difference between he and Bryce Harper is a home run and four RBI.  Braun is slashing .304/.357/.870 with four home runs and 11 RBI. Wood has gotten off to a mediocre start and he actually missed a start Friday night due to illness.

Miller has been very good, but at this point I can’t see anyone slowing Braun down. If he is on deck on Fanamana, he will be taking some cracks for my team.

The San Francisco Brandon’s

Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford @ Colorado (Kyle Kendrick, Jordan Lyles, Eddie Butler, and Chad Bettis)

The Brandon’s have been amazing over the past week. Belt is hitting .450 with three home runs and two walks.

Crawford has been hitting a sizzling .545 with one home run and only one walk. Do you really need to take walks when you are hitting .545 though??

I try not to use too many of the same team players each night, but these two may be an exception while the getting is good and they are hot.

Also be sure to make note of where they are playing and who they are facing. Seems like a logical must play in my world at least.

Jason Kipnis Versus Cincinnati (Anthony DeSclafani) and Texas (Phil Klein)

Kipnis has remained red-hot this week and he has some pitching matchups I am sure he will continue to exploit on Saturday and Monday. He faces Johnny Cueto Sunday so I may shift away from depending how Cueto is pitching.

Other Safe Bets

Like always there are the staple hitters who you really can’t go wrong with and who are matchup proof.

  • Miguel Cabrera
  • Mike Trout
  • Bryce Harper
  • Paul Goldschmidt
  • Anthony Rizzo

Good luck this weekend on Fanamana!

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He is a die-hard Minnesota sports fan, and equally as extreme when it comes to Fantasy Sports. When Chris isn't participating in Fantasy Sports, he is writing about them at, and He also enjoys reading, spending time with his family and music -- but is commonly known as a music snob. He has a degree in Child Development, but is not working in the field, but in Supply Chain currently.
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