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This Fanamana post may be more of a foreshadowing post at this point. However, it can still be valuable for late next week when discussing Coors Field. There are other ballparks that are favorable for hitters that just don’t get the same attention as Coors does.

Oddly enough this weekend is the last chance to try to take advantage of hitter friendly parks for nearly a week! These parks also happen to have plenty of hitters Fanamana owners can exploit this weekend.

I will mention the Ballparks that seem to favor hitters greatly, and for savvy DFS degenerates to exploit, not only this weekend but for future weeks too.

Favorable parks aren’t something you should try to pinpoint every night, but when you have extremely talented hitters like Bryce Harper, Andrew McCutchen, and Paul Goldschmidt in Coors Field? Sign me up, and you too need to pounce.

This weekend the Cardinals are in Miller Park which is also considered a hitters park. Comerica Park is another park considered to be an easier park for hitters to succeed and produce in both Fantasy and reality. This makes the Red Sox and Tigers hitters more valuable this weekend.

Unlike other Daily sites where you need to build a lineup before games start, Fanamana allows you to pick any player at any point in a ball game. This means you can not only target your favorite hitters, but monitor runs scored in a game, or when a pitcher appears to be collapsing.

You combine some of these factors along with favorable parks and you may have a higher probability for a home run, or extra base hit. As I have said before, no one can predict the future, but with Fanamana you truly have control of each out, each at-bat, and player.

Toss in that you can win money in their weekly freeroll and you have a great game and opportunity. Heck, you can even put some moolah on the line to win even more cash while enacting unique strategies such as wOBA, or Vegas odds. Or using simplistic strategies like lefty vs righty matchups, ballpark factors, struggling pitchers, and hot streaks.

Either way, if you haven’t played Fanamana, you really should give it a whirl. It is free, fun and a great way to distract you from watching live scoring on those other DFS sites.

Top 5 Hitter Friendly Parks

These are the ballparks that statistically favor hitters and certainly add appeal to hitters when playing there. This weekend has only a few matchups but the following week will have more games.

5. Great American Ball Park (Cincinnati)

4. Fenway Park (Boston)

3. Comerica Park (Detroit) (3 games versus Boston this weekend 8/7-8/9)

J.D. Martinez, and Ian Kinsler can be considered this weekend, especially against the Boston staff. On the other side, Hanley Ramirez and David Ortiz should be options.

2. Miller Park (Milwaukee) (3 games versus St Louis this weekend 8/7-8/9)

All of the Cardinals bats should make appealing plays this weekend. Matt Holliday, Jason Heyward, Kolten Wong, Jhonny Peralta, and Matt Carpenter all could have great days in Miller Park.

1. Coors Field (Colorado)


If you want to dive more into Ball Park factors and numbers, I encourage you to read this post here.

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