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Fanamana is a new and unique Mobile only DFS game that everyone should play. It is free in the Apple Store, or Google Play stores. The best part about it is they have a Practice Game as an option. Believe me when I tell you to use it the first few games, at least to get a feel for the format. Fanamana is as I said in my site review a Daily style game, but one that is not necessarily completed in one day. You certainly can however, it is completely up to you.

In Fanamana you need to not only look at matchups, but situations as they are happening live, and you most importantly need to be patient. The game allows you to select any hitter, at any point in a real game for one of your at bats. You are allowed 3 outs per inning just like in a real game, but those outs could extend over 3 or more days if need be. That is up to you. If your batter grounds out you get an out. If he walks, you have a runner on first. Well you get the idea.

The tricky part is not just guessing and watching for a superstar players name to be on deck, as much as trying to find a player who will have a positive outcome. If you have the choice between a slugger like Evan Gattis at the plate with 2 outs, and no base runners, or a player who walks a ton with a weaker bat behind them such as Freddie Freeman. The likelihood of a wasted at bat over a potential home run compared to a walk is much greater.

I am not able to say I am an “Expert” at the Fanamana game, at least yet, but what I can say is the matchups I had already studied for DFS, or looked at BVP numbers were the players I had more luck with. I also just winged it in a few rounds and had mixed results. What I am hoping to do is learn more as I go, and most importantly spread the word and help you all too! Winning money is the ultimate goal, and once I become invested in something I won’t stop. So let’s get in to it!

Hitters to Target On Fanamana in Week 5

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Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

Matchups: Chicago White Sox- Jeff Samardzija, Chris Sale, Jose Quintana

Kansas City- Yordano Ventura, Jeremy Guthrie, Jason Vargas

Cabrera may have some mild streaks, but most owners who were fearing health issues would slow him early on were dead wrong. Cabrera is batting .348 with 5 Home runs, 17 RBI and 17 walks. This makes him a lock and a must target every night he plays on Fanamana. The trick is to know when he is in the hole, so you have time to select him!

Nelson Cruz, Seattle Mariners

Matchups: Los Angeles Angels- Roberto Hernandez, Matt Shoemaker, Garrett Richards, C.J. Wilson

Oakland Athletics- Sonny Gray, Jesse Hahn, Jesse Chavez

Cruz is another player who has been spectacular, and essentially matchup proof. If there were any pitchers I would avoid above it would Sonny Gray, and that is about it. He is hitting for power, average, and like Cabrera is hitting over .340. If Cruz pops up on my Fanamana ON DECK  screen it is hard not to get excited.

Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles

Matchups: New York Mets- Bartolo Colon, Jacob deGrom       

New York Yankees- Nathan Eovaldi, Adam Warren, Chase Whitley

The only pitcher I would hesitate on would be deGrom, but if it is a night he is pitching, I would wait to see if Jones can get at the bullpen. He is so hot, it doesn’t really matter who is on the mound.  Jones has a .413 OBP, .373 average with 5 home runs and 17 runs. A fantastic start by Jones, and a player you should have bat for you whenever he approaches the plate.

Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins

Screenshot_2015-05-03-21-44-17Matchups: Oakland Athletics- Jesse Hahn, Jesse Chavez, Scott Kazmir, Drew Pomeranz

Cleveland Indians- Trevor Bauer, Danny Salazar

Mauer doesn’t hit for power, but all of the above hitters do. So that means you will get more points if you have baserunners. That is something Mauer has been doing very well as of late. He walks, hit hits for average, and the only pitchers who may strike a little fear is Kazmir and Salazar. Otherwise, if Mauer is up and especially if you have no outs in your current inning. Mauer could be a guy who gets you on base.

Jake Marisnick, Houston Astros

Matchups: Texas Rangers- Ross Detwiler, Wandy Rodriguez, Colby Lewis

Los Angeles Angels- Hector Santiago, Jered Weaver, Matt Shoemaker, Garrett Richards

Marisnick has become the waiver wire star for the start of 2015, unless you play in deep Dynasty Leagues. In DFS formats, that means his price is continually rising, but is still nowhere near the ouput Marisnick is producing.

This is Fanamana, however, and player prices, draft value simply don’t matter. That leaves you with so many options each and every inning and at bat. Marisnck is getting on base slashing .391/.437/.632 , although he is walking much, when he does get on base he is using his legs with 9 steals on the season. Another way to score in Fanamana, so having power, players on base, and players who steal them are very important.

That is it for this week folks, but stay tuned for more posts this week, focusing on strategy and other hitters you may want to target towards the end of the week.

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