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In one of my last posts for Fanamana I mentioned wOBA and how it is a useful sabermetric when it comes to Fantasy sports. That still holds true today but I am back again to name a few more wOBA stars who can help your Daily Fantasy teams and by default, your Fanamana teams.

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Ok, back to wOBA. If you missed the last post and are not sure what wOBA is exactly,“Weighted On-Base Average combines all the different aspects of hitting into one metric, weighting each of them in proportion to their actual run value. While batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage fall short in accuracy and scope, wOBA measures and captures offensive value more accurately and comprehensively.” (From Post)

Basically you have a statistic that truly encapsulates a batters real average along with true ability. This can come in handy in Daily so you are certain of who’s current hot streak is sustainable, or simply a mirage. Even if a red-hot player may cool off, knowing which players have the highest wOBA can help you find great value plays in DFS, or which hitter to use in an ideal situation on Fanamana.

As always there are the staple and safe wOBA leaders who should have zero questions when using. They are simply elite options in any format, so there is no reason to really to doubt using them when you are able to.

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Aside from Bryce Harper, the Washington Nationals have some favorable pitching matchups this weekend against the Colorado Rockies. They don’t have many players dazzling with their bats or high wOBA’s however. Next on the list is Michael Taylor, or Danny Espinosa. Anthony Rendon is finally healthy and back playing. He is a sneaky play going forward on Fanamana.

The St. Louis Cardinals have Jason Heyward, and Matt Carpenter in the top 30 of wOBA leaders. Randal Grichuk is another option who is in the top 50 and typically can help pile on damage to a struggling pitcher. Remember that is the key in Fanamana and watching pitchers lose control of the game is the best time pounce.

I would check Fangraphs when planning out your DFS day and monitor the wOBA leaders, and find the teams/players with the most favorable hitting matchups. Even better if you combine wOBA, Friendly Ball Park and a struggling pitcher you have Fanamana gold.

Players I Will Be Using Over the Next Week on Fanamana

Anthony Rendon, Washington Nationals

Rendon has missed plenty of time in 2015, but he has a decent .330 wOBA, and he is hitting .286 with a home run over his last seven days. If the Nationals are starting to score runs, Rendon is a nice play in Fanamana.

Jason Heyward, St Louis Cardinals

Heyward has been labeled as a perennial disappointment to many folks but he has been very reliable since the All-Star break. Heyward is hitting .318 over the last two weeks and has a season wOBA of  .335 This makes Heyward a great option as well once the Cards start racking up some hits.



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