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With Spring Training kicking off soon,  let’s kick it off with a Fantasy Baseball mock draft. I will be doing more than one mock draft a week actually, but for this post I will be doing one a week using the wicked Fantasy Pros Mock Draft.

Here is what makes the Fantasy Pros tool unique and better than your average mock draft room.

  • Your draft will complete and in a believable fashion
  • The computer utilizes rankings from hundreds of industry experts to make draft picks
  • You get immediate post-draft analysis and predictions for how this team would fare in the regular season
  • You can mirror your leagues rosters, categories and number of teams
  • The best part, you are the only human drafting! This means you can either take as long as you want to research or you could literally finish a draft in minutes. This is fantastic for mock draft fiends like myself.

Mock drafts should not be a tool you use to evaluate how your drafts will go, there is simply no way to predict that. It is more of a way to determine values and reasonably gauge if a player you love is really worth that eighth round pick or not.

It can also help you monitor runs and values of positions. Are the elite pitchers going in round two and three or can you snag one on the turn in round four? I will be posting one draft a week up until the season starts and utilize different draft strategies in each one. Hoping this will help all of us, myself included.

Heck, you can even do your own drafts and see if you draft a better team than I did. Post your results on Twitter or Facebook and challenge me. We Will pick a winner for bragging rights (you must follow or like us to be included). Have fun and enjoy this kick-ass draft weapon.

2016 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

The Winging It Strategy

I am not going to lie, this isn’t really a strategy, although you and I both know there are owners in many leagues who do just this in their real drafts. Either way, this go around I am doing my very first Mock Draft, and it is difficult to enact a strategy without getting a feel for draft values, and draft progressions first. I decided to do this draft having the third overall pick.

I actually like this team very much, so going on name, positional value and targeting a few potential breakouts worked rather well. Let’s get in to the results shall we?


Mock Draft One Results

Rounds 1 through 6


Round 1

There really is no need for explanation on taking Harper at number three overall. If Mike Trout or Paul Goldschmidt had been there, they would have been taken as well. For this draft I opted for the third pick to see what happened and make my decision easier than if I had one of the top two picks.

Rounds 2 and 3

I got a little more bold and took an ace early, which I rarely do in Fantasy drafts. However, seeing Chris Sale sitting there all alone, I felt far more trust in snagging him now than a Jose Abreu or Troy Tulowitzki. I would be fine with all three, but wanted to snag an ace now, and then load up on bats for a while.

Rounds 4 through 6

Since I passed on Abreu, I took Votto who looked as if he was healthy and back to true form in 2015. I am certainly curious if Sale would have been there on the turn had I taken Abreu instead.

Taking Matt Harvey foiled my “Loading up on bats” plan rather quickly, but seeing him here in round six was too good for me to pass up. I now have Sale and Harvey for a one-two punch.

With Xander Bogaerts and Jason Heyward, I may have went a more personal route this year. I have always hoped for more from Heyward and that infinite ceiling has lowered signifcantly since he has been in the majors. He is still useful in Fantasy, and playing with the Cubs may be just the spark he needs.

Xander was very good last season, and seems to be getting completely overshadowed by Mookie Betts for young Red Sox players in drafts. That is fine with me since you should be able to get him at a great price at the moment. A top three shortstop in round five is very nice.

Rounds 7 through 14


Rounds 7 through 11

Plenty of upside with these picks that help round out my lineup. I started with Mr. stability himself, Kyle Seager, who plays at a position that drops off quickly and produces each and every year. I then rattled off Picks of Rougned Odor, Gregory Polanco and Taijuan Walker. All three of these players are young but showed glimpses of their potential in 2015. I can’t wait to see how they perform this season.

I wrapped up round 11 with Hanley Ramirez. I am not a huge fan but when he is on he is on and as a utility or outfield play when needed, I could do worse.

Rounds 12 through 14

A pitching run of sorts I snagged my fourth and fifth starters and my first reliever in Roberto Osuna. I know I am not alone in trusting in Smyly this season and as my fifth starter, he was well worth the risk. Shelby Miller has pitched well over his past few seasons, and now with a new and improved offense compared to his 2015 squad, I like him plenty in 2016.


Wrapping It Up


These rounds are roster round out time and filling your bench spots. I typically only have a few hitters on my bench and load up on pitching. I ended up grabbing players with plenty of pop and guys I would feel confident plugging in to my Utility spot this season , such as Neil Walker, Lucas Duda and Byung-ho Park. They also can make great trade pieces if the time and offer is right.

For pitching I added more starting pitcher depth and a few youngsters with strikeout capability in Andrew Heaney and Jerad Eickhoff. For some stability sake I added Anibal Sanchez too.

Yan Gomes as my starting catcher is fine with me as that is a position I typically wait on or use the waiver wire to fill as it is. I snagged my second likely closer in Brad Ziegler to start the round off too.


Draft Recap/Closing Thoughts

Overall I enjoyed this team considering I didn’t put as much time and energy in to this round. I mixed in trusty and reliable vets with youth and high upside players. Focusing on pitching depth and ignoring relievers and catcher may be a plus, or it could be my downfall. Either way, relievers and catchers are the easiest postiions to fill using the waiver wire, so I just am fine with that risk.

Let’s see where Fantasy Pros think this squad will finish:

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 4.51.18 PM

Third Place Overall is splendid for a first go at it. I will also point out I am used to seeing lower pitching rankings because I go light on relievers, and tend to go with young unproven starters for my bench. This by default lowers your ranking. I am just fine with that.

Hope this helps and you give the Fantasy Pros Mock Drat Tool a try. It literally takes minutes!


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