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Fantasy Baseball Email Advice

Why Use SCFE Fantasy Baseball Email Advice?

Whether you’re new to Fantasy Baseball or a seasoned veteran, it’s nice to bounce your ideas and questions off of other experienced players. You can get plenty of opinions on Twitter, but sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough to give a detailed response. That’s where SCFE Email advice comes in. You’ll have a team of experienced Fantasy players providing thorough answers that address all factors that may be in play. Twitter is good for opinions. Email advice is much better for explanations and in-depth strategy.

Who’s Answering Your Fantasy Questions?

David Gonos has been writing about Fantasy Sports online since 2000 – and playing Fantasy Sports since 1989. He has drafted both Curt Warner and Kurt Warner, along with Big Unit and Big Papi. A veteran of hundreds of drafts in the past 15 years alone, Gonos is closely acquainted with sleepers, breakouts and busts – as he has drafted many of all three. He was a Senior Fantasy Writer for for five years, and he has been published on,,, and

Doug Anderson is a 20-plus year veteran of Fantasy Baseball. He’s a member of the LABR Leagues, put together by USA Today and featured in the pages of their Sports Weekly magazine. His work has also been featured on Yahoo!,,, and The Fantasy Sports Network. Also known as RotoDaddy, Doug plays in mixed leagues, but his ultimate Fantasy enjoyment comes from deeper AL- and NL-only formats.

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