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After three weeks of having the “So-Called Fantasy” Football writers on as our guests, Eric Mack and I brought in an old workmate, Jamey Eisenberg of! He joined us to talk about Fantasy 2016 tight ends, letting us know what he thinks we should expect out of the position this year.

But first, before Jamey came on, I explained how I look at the tight end position, while Emack made several bad “tight end” jokes.

Fantasy Football ADP

Jordan Reed Photo Credit: Keith Allison

Per usual, I compared something to food. Tight ends are like powdered jelly donuts, and it really is a bulletproof metaphor! (Maybe.)

Emack also explained how one listener can win one free month at, by sending us a Fantasy Football question! (FanEssentials hooks you up with merchandise from your favorite NBA team every single month!)

When Jamey called in, we talked about one of my favorite Fantasy Football draft tools on, the 2016 Pick-By-Pick Preview Series. This is a series of 24 different articles where Jamey and Dave Richard do a draft from every single spot in Round 1 of a standard, 12-team, non-PPR league, and a 12-team, PPR league. Then you get to see what the ramifications are for taking a specific player/position at that spot.

For instance, in non-PPR leagues, they show you what kind of team you can expect if you draft Rob Gronkowski with the ninth-pick overall.

It really is a cool idea to do a series like this – and I’m mad I didn’t think of it first.

Grizzle or Sizzle: Tight Ends in 2016

For the record, “sizzle” and “tight ends” should generally never be adjacent to each other in a sentence.

But this week, we pick three tight ends, share their current ADP over at, and discuss whether we think that player is Grizzle (fat garbage you throw away) at that draft spot or Sizzle (hot stuff you can’t get enough of). The three tight ends we discuss:

  • Jordan Reed, Washington: 4.03 ADP
  • Coby Fleener, New Orleans: 7.03 ADP
  • Julius Thomas, Jacksonville: 9.09 ADP

Finders Sleepers: Who’s This Year’s Gary Barnidge!?!

For this segment, we each pick a late-round sleeper at the tight ends position – or even a player we think will go undrafted that would be a great in-season pickup if our starter goes down.

Gonos chose Jared Cook, who finds himself in Green Bay, playing with one of the top-three quarterbacks from the past decade. What will trading Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert for Aaron Rodgers do for the Packers’ newest tight end. He’s also finally not working with Jeff Fisher, which could bring forth more changes.

Emack and Gonos didn’t get time to go through SCFE’s 2016 Tight End Rankings but we touched on enough different tight ends that it’s as if we DID go through the rankings!

You can find Jamey Eisenberg on Twitter at @JameyEisenberg, Eric Mack @EricMackSports and myself @DavidGonos.

Come back Monday when the Fantasy FatCast does a combo preview show about 2016 Kickers and Defense/Special Teams!

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