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It’s one thing to be consistent during one season in Fantasy Football. However, it’s those players who are consistently consistent that make up the real Fantasy studs. These players are the ones that should be drafted in the early rounds of most drafts. A consistently consistent player also shows that that player has remained consistently healthy as well, which is just as important as their consistent performance.

Let’s look at the consistently consistent tight ends. The Top 30 most consistent tight ends and the number of Quality Games Earned each year are listed below in the TE Rankings.

I’m going to break these Top 30 into four tiers, analyze each tier and provide some insight on the players within each tier.

Tier One – The Elite (Ranks 1 – 4)

RankPlayer Name201220132014Total
1Jimmy Graham13141138
2Jason Witten1481133
3Greg Olsen9121132
4Rob Gronkowski951428

The Triple Double group is a group of one, Jimmy Graham. With his big move to Seattle, there are many questions of whether in that offense he can be as elite as in the past. I believe his consistency will stay strong, but I’m not sure his total points will be as high as in the past.

Jason Witten and Greg Olsen still continue to be solid tight end values especially when it comes to consistency. Both should continue to be great values in 2015 after Graham and Rob Gronkowski are off the board.

Gronkwoski stayed healthy and regained his top ranking in the both total points and consistency in 2014. The only thing that could stop Gronk from being at the top of the tight end rankings in 2015 is Gronk himself.

Tier Two – The Above Average (Ranks 5 – 10)

RankPlayer Name201220132014Total
5Antonio Gates781126
6Martellus Bennett691025
7Jermaine Gresham106824
8Heath Miller105722
9Delanie Walker371121
10Jared Cook75820

Antonio Gates continues to defy his haters who believe every year that he’s done! His double digit Quality Games last season was his best year in the past three seasons. Can he continue in 2015? Not with his suspension, but he should have some great value when he returns!

Martellus Bennett benefited from Brandon Marshall’s injuries last season. Now that Marshall is gone, I like Bennett as a consistent performer in 2015. Watch his ADP going into this summer and grab him if he falls.

Jermaine Gresham and Heath Miller are on their way down performance-wise and should be ignored in most drafts.

Delanie Walker has the most potential for 2015 over Jared Cook and will be an undervalued pick in drafts. I like his consistency and his role in Tennessee.

Tier Three – The Average (Ranks 11 – 18)

RankPlayer Name201220132014Total
11Owen Daniels94619
12Vernon Davis512118
13Brandon Myers106218
14Scott Chandler65617
15Coby Fleener26917
16Julius ThomasDNP10717
17Charles Clay27716
18Kyle Rudolph93416

There are only three tight ends in the group who have previously earned double digit Quality Games. Vernon Davis is one, but he just can never stay healthy enough to be consistent. Brandon Myers is another, but he had one good year and then went the free agent route and hasn’t been relevant since. Julius Thomas, who was a high draft pick in 2014, let everyone down with his lack of consistency and injuries. Thomas also left for free agency this past off-season and went to the Jaguars. Sigh.

There are some other tight ends in this tier that have some potential in 2015. Coby Fleener earned nine Quality Games last year and if he didn’t have to compete with Dwayne Allen for touches, either one of them would be great picks in the Fantasy draft. Charles Clay was decent in Miami but left for Buffalo in the offseason. Ugh.

The rest of this tier is undraftable.

Tier Four – The Others (Ranks 19 – 30)

RankPlayer Name201220132014Total
19Brent Celek56415
20Marcedes Lewis65415
21Dwayne Allen50813
22Jeff Cumberland45413
23Brandon Pettigrew85013
24Jordan Cameron19212
25Zach ErtzDNP3912
26Anthony Fasano43411
27Dennis Pitta82111
28Jordan ReedDNP6511
29Travis KelceDNPDNP1010
30Lance Kendricks33410

Most of this tier are undraftable as well. However, there are a few players that have some consistency potential this season. The best one of the bunch is Travis Kelce. He’s an excellent receiver and was used extensively in the Chiefs offense. The addition of Jeremy Maclin should help Kelce as he’ll spread the field and allow Kelce to work underneath.

Zach Ertz earned nine Quality Games with the Eagles. I believe that the exiting of Maclin will help him as he may be needed more on passing downs and in the red zone. As I mentioned before Dwayne Allen is an excellent tight end and would be a great value IF he didn’t have to compete with Fleener for touches.

There are your most consistent tight ends over the past three seasons. Keep this information handy as you prepare for your drafts this season. Consistency is good but consistently consistent is great!

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