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Have you ever gotten paralysis by analysis? That’s what happens when you overthink something and end up doing nothing whatsoever, which could ultimately lead to your demise! It’s like when you see a train coming and you’re standing on the tracks trying to figure out which side to jump off. That happens weekly to me.

So here we are entering Week 6 of the 2016 NFL season, inching closer to the Fantasy Playoffs, if you can believe that.

Depending on what your team’s record is, there are certain Fantasy Football moves you should make, and some you should avoid.

We’re going to help you make the right moves and avoid the wrong moves. Some of the suggestions we give you will come with examples, but for many of them, you’ll have to do the legwork.

Bye weeks are going to start hitting us hard, with four and then six teams taking a breather at once.

And don’t forget about all of those injuries starting to pile up, as well!

You’re going to want to keep all of that in mind when you start making some Fantasy Football moves.

What Fantasy Football Moves Should I Make?

Obviously, your league might be different than standard leagues, and you have to take into account the scoring systems and lineup types. The following scenarios are for 12-team non-PPR leagues, allowing six teams into the playoffs, starting in Week 14.

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My Fantasy Team‘s Record is 5-0: What Should I Do?

Your early round picks are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and maybe you locked in on a solid rookie like Jordan Howard or Will Fuller.

You might be a lock for the postseason, but try not to talk trash just yet.

What Fantasy Football Moves Should You Make?

Are you in a keeper league? Start moving those surprise rookies you have sitting on your bench because you obviously have solid keepers for next year already.

For non-keeper peeps, don’t go too crazy with your waiver-wire moves going forward. Remember, the players you pick up are likely going to be players the other 11 owners passed on.

Tip: Handcuff your best players. At this point, with bye weeks upon us, other teams are going to start cutting handcuffs and promising Fantasy backups to make room for a quarterback, tight end, kicker or defense to replace their lone player at that position on a bye. Guys like Alfred Morris and Andre Ellington are two possibilities, as they are currently owned in less than half of CBS leagues.

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My Fantasy Team‘s Record is 5-0: What Should I Do?

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