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SCFE Fantasy Football Podcast 1.02: NFL Free Agency Blowout

On this week’s “So-Called Fantasy Experts” Fantasy Football podcast, Fantasy Football expert Jack Delaney and I tried to make sense of this whirlwind start to free agency.

What the hell is going on with the Philadelphia Eagles?

Chip Kelly has created one of the most dynamic offenses in football over the last two seasons — and then promptly got rid of his three most important offensive players.

We discussed whether Chip Kelly is just on a different plane of enlightenment or losing his mind.

As a Giants fan, I’m hoping for the former, but Jack is much more optimistic of what the Eagles offense could become.

Fantasy Football Podcast 1.02

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Maybe an Oklahoma Sooners reunion in the backfield with Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray is just what the doctor ordered!

Just like LeSean McCoy, we moved to the Bills and discussed his value there. Rex Ryan should feed him the ball (maybe every play?), but we are skeptical about how their quarterback situation shakes out.

Jimmy Graham is the newest Seahawks member, which is bad for the rest of the NFL — but what does this mean for his Fantasy owners? Jack and I both agree on his new Fantasy value.

Your favorite team still in the market for skill position players? Jack breaks down where guys like Justin Forsett, Reggie Bush and Michael Crabtree could land. And more importantly what their Fantasy values could look like.

We also discuss more Fantasy-relevant free-agent signings, the Shane Vereen “sleeper cell” theory, a Shonn Greene reference and more — right here on the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” Fantasy Football podcast!

Check back with the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” Podcast each week, as we inch closer and closer to the NFL Draft!

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