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This article is going to be awesome. It will either help you win your league or will be incredibly useless and moderately entertaining. Either way, thanks for reading. Fantasy Football waiver wire strategy differs depending on your league size, structure and expertise but there’s no arguing it’s importance.

For those who are relatively new to Fantasy Football, you’re the person this article is trying to teach others how to take advantage of. You may want to pay attention. Good luck though!

It happens every year, every single year. Someone picks up some rando off the wire and rides them to the playoffs, at the very least. Working the waiver wire is like working the bar. No one knows what to do but if you try enough times you might get lucky.

We’ll cover roster flexibility, schedule awareness, negotiation and manipulation as we work through eight tips to help you win your league.

Before you work the wire, check out who is safe to drop this week here.

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Strategy


Waiver Wire Strategy Tip 1: Know Your League & Waiver Rules

Ponder and deliberate before you make a move

Know you waiver wire rules. There are various ways in which waivers can be structured. Weekly standings can be the basis for waiver priority. Your league may use the, “if you use it you lose it” method. Hoarding your number 1 waiver claim doesn’t help you if the order is going to change after the weekend. You’ll obviously want to know if your league uses a free agent bidding system. There are plenty of online options to find a baseline of how much free agents typically go for for newbies.

If your league waivers are first come first serve make sure you have the mobile app and push notifications are set up for add drops.

Waiver Wire Strategy Tip 2: Timing is Everything

In the midst of chaos there is also opportunity

Injury season is upon us in Fantasy Football. There are several strategies which can be achieved here.

  • The first man up isn’t always the best man for the job. For the long term starter to fall into place it might take a few weeks. Let the fools rush in and grab the sub par players taking over for their injured teammates, pushing you to the top of thew waiver order or leaving you with the largest FA budget.
  • Owners panic when injuries strike. Find the owners who have been hit by the injury bug and point out how low they are in the waiver order as a reminder of their impending doom. Prey on their concerns and insecurities.

Waiver Wire Strategy Tip 3: Rostering Two QBs and Two TEs

Opportunities multiply as they are seized

Hitting a home run on the waiver wire gives you an advantage, obviously (Phil Sims level analysis). Roster flexibility needs to be a priority. You need to ensure you have at least one roster spot used for rotating hot pickups each week. This is especially critical prior to bye weeks. Rostering two QBs or two TEs means you don’t have one that’s good enough to start each and every week. Cut bait on the worst one and use the waiver wire to stream options based on the match ups, if you must.

Waiver Wire Strategy Tip 4: Always Be Closing

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer & Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake

Use your friendships to your advantage. Check in with a few of the people ahead of you in waiver priority and say something to the effect of, “going to be a crazy week on the waiver wire, eh?” See what they say. Google police interrogation tactics and lie detecting. Take a business course on how to win at life by using verbal and physical cues to take advantage of someone’s weakness. If you think this is too far, that sounds like a you problem. I sleep at night just fine. Thanks Advil PM!

Waiver Wire Strategy Tip 5: Get Over Yourself. There’s No Such Thing As Too Deep

Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected

When your opponent is down you can either help them up or Ndamukong Suh them in the neck. There is no in between. Oh, you already have enough running backs? False. You don’t NEED another number three wide receiver? Wrong.

It’s body bag time.


Waiver Wire Strategy Tip 6: Beware The Schedule

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting

Know your bye weeks. Know your opponent’s bye weeks. Take a look at your schedule and that of your upcoming opponents at least a week or two in advance. Stay ahead of them on the waiver wire and block their likely transactions.

By having a solid grasp of the schedule, you can outwit your opponent.

Example: In a dynasty league I plan on trading for Jeremy Hill. Hill has had a slow start and I can probably buy low on him. I see on the schedule he plays Denver this week, a very difficult matchup. Instead of offering this owner a deal now I’ll wait until after the Denver game, when his price may be at an all time low.

Waiver Wire Strategy Tip 7: Extra Extra Read All About It

Check the headlines on the top Fantasy Football sites each week around waivers. Knowing who different sites are promoting as must adds will give you an indication as to who your opponent is likely to try and pick up, enabling you to potentially block them, like a boss.

Waiver Wire Strategy Tip 8: Never Use Valuable Resources on a Kicker or DST

Because obviously.

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