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We are back for another fantastic show. This week we have two great guests to help us give you great Fantasy Baseball advice for the upcoming 2016 season.

Fantasy Baseball DFS Strategy

First we start with Jerry Colvin from Fantasy Alarm, follow him on Twitter @GeraldColvin73, to discuss some DFS strategy, so you can win some cash this upcoming baseball season.

Of course the news from New York is making a lot of noise. What does this mean for DFS future in New York and even as a whole? Jerry gives his opinion and we chime in too.

To get you ready for the DFS season though, we talk overall roster construction. From what stats to use when analyze the best plays of the night to other factors like home-road splits, righty/lefty splits and more. Does ballpark factor into play? We even get into the strategy of stacking. Should you do it or not?


Next we talk with Chris Myers. You may know him more as the mastermind behind the Jude Fantasy Leagues, the great leagues that are helping raise money for his friends child who has cancer. If you are interested in joining one or starting one reach out to him on twitter @FantsyChillpony. You can also see his published work on So-Called Fantasy Experts and Athlon Sports.

We dive deep into the world of prospects with him. Which ones can you trust for 2016 and even beyond for those of you in dynasty leagues. How you should handle drafting these guys in re-draft leagues and dynasty leagues.

Make sure you join us each week on Tuesday’s at 8:30PM. You can call into the show and join in on the conversation or ask us any questions. If you don’t want to call in you can send us messages on Twitter @FantasySixPack and @AppleGarthAlgar.

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