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Welcome back to another episode of The Fantasy Six Pack Hour. Joe and A.J. are here after a long Fourth of July weekend to get you back into the swing of things.

Fantasy Baseball Real-Fake

Our main topic today is going to be discussing some of the performances in Fantasy Baseball up to this point, now that we have gotten over the half-way point. Do we think these are the “real” players we can expect the rest of the season? Or are these “fake”?

We discuss some player that have had great first-halves, such as Jake Lamb and Wil Myers. Players that have had poor first-halves such as Andrew McCutchen and the multiple pitchers (Kuechel, Gray, Archer, etc.). We also discuss some players that are on recent hot streaks. Somebody like Kendrys Morales.

Are these players for real, meaning they will still be the same player in the second half, or are they fake and their fortunes will change in the second half?

Durant to Golden State

Before we get to the, we start off with the big bomb that dropped this weekend. That bomb we are talking about is Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City and signing with Golden State, making a big four.

Is this good for the NBA? Does this mean the Warriors are the clear favorites next season and beyond? What does this mean for Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Durant’s fantasy value? We cover that and more.

Your Questions

We ran out of time for the Dick Bixby rant of the week, but we promise we will fit it in next week and you won’t want to miss this potential crazy idea.

As always We finish with Twitter questions.

Each week we try to answer all your questions on air. So send them in to @fantasysixpack or @AppleGarthAlgar and hear your questions get answered live on air.

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