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Welcome back to the Fantasy Six Pack Hour. Joe and A.J. will be your hosts for this All-Star episode of the podcast.

This week the guys will be relaxing a bit and having some fun while the pros are enjoying their All-Star Break.

SFB480 League

First we discuss Joe’s Scott Fish Bowl, #SFB480, draft.

This league is very different than your typical one. There are 480 teams that are all vying for one championship trophy. It is broken down into 40, 12-team leagues and the top teams from each league will be combined into a super playoff.

Rosters are 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/4Flex (1 being a super-flex), oh and 11 bench spots. You better draft well. The different scoring settings are half-ppr, except for tight ends who get a full-prr. The biggest kicker is the 0.25 point per rushing attempt.

The guys take a look at the first few picks in Joe’s league and discuss what his strategy is moving forward.

Fantasy Baseball All-Stars

Next they give their list of Fantasy Baseball All-Stars for 2016. Joe will take the AL and A.J. will take the NL and put together the best starting squad for the respective conferences.

Your Questions

As always We finish with Twitter questions. Each week we try to answer all your questions on air. So send them in to @fantasysixpack or @AppleGarthAlgar and hear your questions get answered live on air.

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