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We are back! After a week off, we are happy to be back and ready to provide some Fantasy insight along with just having some fun.

We start off by talking a little about the NBA playoffs. The Western Conference Finals just ended and we saw Golden State come back from a 3-1 deficit.

Did Oklahoma City blow it? Did Golden State win it? What does Durant do this summer? And of course the question everybody wants to know. Who wins in the finals between the Warriors and Cavs?

Fantasy Football Round One Mock

Fantasy Football is creeping up on us quickly and now is the time to start preparing. This week we will start off the prep by having a one round 12-team mock draft.

A.J. begins by taking the first overall player and then we alternate picks until the round is over.

This is meant to be a 12-team league, not two teams picking 12 players, so it is a true test of what the first round would look like.

We would love to hear your thoughts, so hit us up on Twitter and let us know.

Fantasy Baseball Updates

We then get into some quick baseball updates since we were out last week there is a lot to catch up on. Lots of injuries to update you on unfortunately. From Mike Moustakas being out for the year to a couple of pitchers returning this week, barring any setback.

Memorial Day Fun

Next we have some real fun. Memorial Day just passed and for most of us that mean cookouts with friends and family. We give you our top 10 foods to have at a Memorial Day cookout.

Your Questions

We finish with Twitter/Call-in questions. Each week we try to answer all your questions on air. So send them in to @fantasysixpack or @AppleGarthAlgar or call-in and hear your questions get answered live on air.

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