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Welcome back to another week of The Fantasy Six Pack Hour. A.J.and I are here to get you ready for Fantasy Football Week 5.

Fantasy Football Week 5

Fantasy Football Headlines

We start off with some headlines in the Fantasy Football world. Such as, Tom Brady returning for the Patriots and what that means going forward.

The tight end positions is also become more and more cloudy as the season goes on. We discuss what we mean by that.


There were a few more injuries this week to discuss. We touch on those as well as some players you can pick up in hopes to replace those injured players.

Week 5 Preview

Next we get into our best and worst games of the week, sleeper and busts for Week 5.

Fantasy Baseball End of Season

Can’t forget about Fantasy Baseball though.

Last week was the last week of the season and for many of you your seasons wrapped up. Joe and A.J. discuss their seasons. I especially get into it as a dynasty league of mine is trying to change rules to “fix” an issue from rules not being set the first year. It has the potential to make my team not as competitive though.

We also wanted to give out some end of season awards. Who were the biggest bust, value picks and more.


As always they finish with your Twitter questions. Each week they try to answer all your questions on air. So send them in to @fantasysixpack and hear your questions get answered live on air.

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