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This week on the Home Run the Jewels Fantasy Baseball podcast, I do my best one man band impression as we, or I should say I, talk about some of the Fantasy implications of the most recent MLB trades.

Now, as much as I like listening to myself talk for 35-plus minutes straight, it gets a little odd after a while. Kind of like when you say fork out loud too many times in a row. The words start to sound odd. After some last minute scrambling, I had Stefan Zonia lined up as a guest but like always, real life gets in the way of our obsession with Fantasy Baseball.

But like they say, the show must go on so I boldly went where I’ve only ever been once before; doing a solo podcast.

I cover some of the biggest trades to date and how these moves affect the rest of season production and beyond for Scott Kazmir, Vincent Velazquez, Ben Zobrist, Sean Manaea, Johnny Cueto, Troy Tulowitzki and Jose Reyes.

I even give you some bonus analysis on Rusney Castillo’s call up now that Shane Victorino plays for the Angels. Quick opinion, I like him, but I’ve already traded him away in two leagues so that should tell you some of my feelings on him for this year.

I didn’t want to let this one run for too long because any moment our eyes aren’t glued to Twitter is a moment we miss a breaking trade or a juicy inside rumor. God, I love the trade deadline.

All that and more on this week’s Home Run The Jewels Fantasy Baseball podcast!

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