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We are back once again with another edition of the home Run The Jewels Podcast brought to you by me, your host Travis Pastore. Yes, I know I promised you some awesome outro music but I was at the FSTA Conference in New York City on Monday & Tuesday so I was indisposed. Yes, I did just name drop the conference. I was doing a lot of it on the podcast so get ready.


This week our guest is staff writer Patrick Wallace (@PW_1989) to talk the art of the deal. It’s around this part of the season when the right trade can make the difference between winning your league or finishing mid-pack. The problem is there a lot of managers out there who aren’t the easiest to trade with. Patrick and I try and figure out the best way to deal with those guys who want your best player for their worst.

It’s a tough task getting a trade through and Patrick seems to be pretty skilled at it so take his word for it. Some of the keys? Open a line of dialogue, don’t give up after your initial trade is turned down and try and find an area your trade partner needs and offer them someone who helps in that category.

And you’ll find out my biggest trade pet peeve. Don’t ever do it.

After we talk as much trade talk as possible we move to some players that many people see as prime trade targets or bait. Is Albert Pujols back to his St. Louis prime and do you keep him or sell high? Will Zack Greinke ever win again? Every one agrees the Indians pitchers are prime buy low guys but which one is the bets option? Can Joc Pederson keep it up or would you be better suited trading for his twin Steven Souza Jr?

All that and more on this episode of the Home Run The Jewels Podcast!

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