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This week on the Home Run The Jewels Podcast, we have a staff writer, an owner of, a guy dominating dynasty leagues all over and an all around great guy to talk Fantasy Baseball with … JOE BOND!

I’m trying out new ways to introduce my guests, but I now realize that one probably works better on air than in text. Anyway, I asked Joe to come on tonight to talk about how he managed to so thoroughly dominate the dynasty league several of us “So-Called Fantasy Experts” play in together.

He’s got a 10 game lead on me, so I figured it would be worth while for all of you (and me) to hear how he did it. I am obviously at the polar end of the spectrum and it’s about time for me to start selling off my players to build for next year. The key to a successful rebuild is maximizing your return. Yes, Jason Hammel is having a career year, but is it worth more to trade him at his peak for a few guys who you’ll be able to benefit from for the next several years?

These are tough choices, but they are the ones that can make or break your time in a dynasty league. Do you want your dynasty to last as long as the Roman Empire? Well, then making the right choice at the midway point of the season is key.

Joe likes the appeal of getting back major league players as opposed to stashing guys in Single-A ball. Yes, they may have lower ceilings but they’re contributing actual counting stats to your actual team right now. And the hope of winning next season is way less enjoyable than the feeling of actually winning this season.

Lastly, we highlight a few guys who you can trade for who won’t cost you too much but can still make a big impact. All that and more on this episode of the Home Run The Jewels Podcast!

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Travis Pastore

Travis is a fantasy sports addict, runs a 4.4 forty yard dash and writes for So-Called Fantasy Experts. He enjoys advanced stats, puns, and witty, pop culture laden humor. In the past he wrote for, and worked for Also one of those first three traits may have been a lie...
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