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What a start to the week of baseball and this week’s Out of Left Field featuring the arrival of Carlos Correa. The MLB Draft started Monday night, and the first three picks were all shortstops. The first Overall pick for the Diamondbacks was Dansby Swanson which was followed up by two more shortstops at two and three overall. Alex Bregman went to Houston, and Colorado selected Brendan Rodgers. 

Monday night was a big night for shortstops all around as Carlos Correa also made his highly anticipated MLB debut. Unfortunately, he had to face the scorching hot Chris Sale but he did manage to beat out a throw to first to notch his first MLB hit and RBI. Correa will be a very fun player to watch and he can literally do it all. I am thinking he will be a top 10 shortstop the rest of the season and I doubt he is available in many Fantasy leagues at the moment, but who knows. It is always worth a look. Oh yeah, he hit a home run on Tuesday night. Welcome to the BIGS kid.

My oldest daughter who is 6 started her second season of tee-ball and it is hilarious to watch as some of the kids seems to grasp the game immediately. Some kids knowing to throw the ball to first on a grounder, Some hunched over ready to field a ball at short, others (My daughter) opting to just have a seat in the infield. She did get up thanks to her coach, but her brief act of rebellion was due to running so very fast after her last hit. I may have some work to do!

That may seem like a random story, but I of course will relate it to Fantasy Baseball. We are nearly to the mid-season point of Fantasy leagues folks. That means now is not the time to plop down in the middle of the game. Now is the time to make some moves, bolster a category or two. Don;t just trade to trade, but make a move that will benefit your squad.

I am planning on writing a mid-season strategy post soon as well, which can help guide you with some pointers. Stay tuned, and enjoy this weeks Out Of Left Field topics.

Also if you play Fantasy Football, be sure to join or participate in a Rushing For Jude league, you can join a league today and help fight childhood cancer!

Out of Left Field

How About Them Royals?

As of right now seven Kansas City Royals will be starting the All-Star game hosted in Cincinnati. I am assuming this will change eventually, but right now fan voting is clearly skewed. Sure it is just the All-Star game, but this game is sadly too important. It determines home field advantage in the biggest series of all, the World Series by whichever division wins the game.

It annoys me that this game, which should solely be fun and entertaining to watch, determines such a huge and relevant series, but also is determined by fan voting which can be done multiple times. Several Royals players are deserving but certainly not seven.

Is Rafael Soriano A Player Worth Adding toYour Roster?

I have to think he is now that the Cubs signed him to a minor league contract. He may not have overpowering stuff anymore, but he is more than familiar with the role, and Joe Maddon seems to be frustrated with his current closing options.

Once he get’s called up I will not be surprised at all for him to assume the closing role. If you are chasing saves I would try to get Soriano now.

Carlos Correa Has Arrived. Who Is Next in the Pipeline?

I think it will be Francisco Lindor. The Indians have already made some moves demoting Jose Ramirez and Lonnie Chisenhall to AAA. The odd thing is Lindor did not receive the call after both demotions. This should not concern Lindor owners too much. He will be up soon, and sounds like he may have some minor injuries at the moment.

Lindor is likely, or should be owned in Dynasty and Keeper formats already, but in re-draft he may still remain a wait and see player.

Is Chris Heston Legit?

After last night’s No-hitter more people will be looking his way. Over the past 14 days he has been up and down in his three starts. He pitched seven innings of 4 hit ball in Atlanta with six strikeouts and no runs allowed.

He then followed that up with a 3.2 inning stinker giving up 5 runs and losing. He did have six strikeouts in those 3 innings however. Then came his complete game no-hit performance last night against the Mets with 11 strikeouts.

I would think he has to be considered a legitimate Fantasy three or four pitcher for sure at this point. He isn’t killing your ERA, he is not really walking batters and he is averaging over a K an inning. That is good enough for me.

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