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This week the starting pitcher market provided us with a historic performance, an interesting accomplishment and a surprising contract extension.

On Wednesday night in our nation’s capital, Max Scherzer became only the fourth pitcher to record twenty strikeouts during a nine-inning game.

Max accomplished this legendary feat against his former club, the Detroit Tigers and versus his former teammate Jordan Zimmermann.

This exceptional achievement has only occurred fives times in the history of the game, and all have transpired over the last thirty years.

The fantastic four are Roger Clemens (twice), first in 1986 and then 1996; Kerry Wood in 1998; Randy Johnson in 2001 and now Max Scherzer in 2016.

How impressive was this performance by Scherzer?

Since returning to the National League last season, Scherzer has flirted with and attained greatness on multiple occasions. Max has now registered two no-hitters and a twenty strikeout game over his forty-one starts with the Washington Nationals.

This week’s task will be analyzing this week’s events in the starting pitcher market.

Missives From The Mound

Max Scherzer, SP, Washington Nationals 2015 & 2016 Statistics

• 41 GS
• 280.2 IP
• 3.05 ERA
• 3.04 FIP
• 2.92 xFIP
• .272 BABIP
• 80.0 LOB%
• 36.1 GB%
• 12.3 HR/FB
• 30.8 K%
• 26.4 K-BB%
• 69.9 FPK%
• 15.1 SWK%

Max has delivered for the Nationals and remains one of the apex arms in the game today.

Noah Syndergaard, SP, New York Mets

The man they call Thor arrived in the majors on May 12 2015 and has wielded a mighty hammer over the course of last year.

Lets investigate his numbers since getting the call one calendar year ago.

May 12 2015 – May 11 2016

• 31 GS
• 12-9
• 196.1 IP
• 3.07 ERA
• 3.00 FIP
• 2.78 xFIP
• 1.04 WHIP
• .287 BABIP
• 76.3 LOB%
• 48.7 GB%
• 13.5 HR/FB
• 28.2 K%
• 23.1 K-BB%
• 64.6 FPK%
• 12.9 SWK%

Syndergaard accomplished this on Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

News that Noah had his elbow examined two weeks ago is gravely concerning but hopefully we get a full season of Syndergaard and beyond.

Stephen Strasburg, SP, Washington Nationals

File this under things we didn’t see coming, as Stephen Strasburg opted to forego free agency and sign a seven year contract extension to remain with the team who drafted him.

I, for one, thought Strasburg’s exit was a forgone conclusion and that he’d sign with the highest bidder this offseason.

Career Statistics 2010-2016

• 139 GS
• 59-37
• 825.2 IP
• 3.07 ERA
• 2.80 FIP
• 2.72 xFIP
• 1.09 WHIP
• .300 BABIP
• 73.8 LOB%
• 46.3 GB%
• 11.2 HR/FB
• 28.2 K%
• 24.1 K-BB%
• 63.0 FPK%
• 11.3 SWK%

However surprising, Strasburg’s signing an extension to stay with the Nationals, it seems like a win win for both parties involved but something I never thought would be possible.

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