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What’s going on around here? A question Vince Lombardi asked and now I’m asking it. Just a week after we had some really high scoring, it is only natural that we get some really low scores this week. In some of my leagues, I saw scores of just over 100 win, even a few matchups with under 100 too. A far cry from Last week, where it seemed like you had to have 180+ to win.

The NFL games were a bit lower scoring which led to some of the lower Fantasy scores. However you still had the chance to put up some very high scores. Those points just came from what I can only guess were players either sitting on your bench or even worse on the waiver wire.

Just think about this. The Atlanta Falcons scored 42 points, so you immediately think Julio Jones had a great game. Nope. Jones had a measly four receptions for 38 yards.

It was that kind of week all over the NFL and as I’ve mentioned, it directly correlated to some interesting Fantasy Football scoring.

I’m just really waiting for the NFL to return to normal, hopefully starting next week. If it doesn’t soon I might have a bit of a nervous breakdown.

Todd Gurley, Raiders and Kickers

So if you don’t think the NFL has been unpredictable this season, take a look the standings after Week 4. If you had told me the Falcons, Bengals and Panthers would be 4-0, I would have called you crazy.

1. Devonta Free ‘the freakin’ man

I have to start with the hottest player in the NFL over the last two weeks.

Freeman has taken full advantage of Tevin Coleman’s injury by scoring six touchdowns over the last two weeks. The yardage total has been there as well, 209 yards on the ground and 133 in the air. This has equaled to two 30+ point games in a row for standard leagues.

I’m interested to see what the Falcons do when Coleman returns, but I find it very hard to believe that they go back to a true split in workload.

2. London Bridge is falling down.

One of the dreaded London games was this weekend and I’m sure there were a lot of owners who got burned by this awful game due to the start time. I live on the east coast too, I can’t imagine what people on the west coast do about this game.

I know I got burned by not being able to get Decker into my lineup (getting kids ready in the morning will do that to ya).

This game is usually a Fantasy Football disaster. In my opinion if the NFL is going to embrace Fantasy Football as much as they act like are, they need to get rid of this game or make it a night game in London time so it is a more normal start time here. Also while they are at it, get rid of the Thursday night game too.

3. Oakland is still… Oakland

Oakland how could you? Just when I go and start trusting you to produce good Fantasy players, especially against the Chicago Bears, you go and do this?

This was supposed to be a game where the Raiders players had a lot of success. Instead, the Raiders kind of sh… the bed.

Not only did they lose the game, they did not have a single player score more than 13 standard Fantasy points. It will make every single one of them very hard to trust again this season, especially next week against the Denver Broncos.

4. Todd Gurley the real deal

Well it is official. Todd Gurley was worth the 10th pick overall in this year’s NFL draft.

In just his second NFL game Gurley blew up for 146 rushing yards against one of the better defenses in the NFL too, the Arizona Cardinals.

More important to Fantasy players, Gurley got 19 carries to just four other carries for Tre Mason and Bennie Cunningham. To me this is the sign that Gurley is going to be the running back to own here and you can safely drop the other two in all leagues.

5. A lot of field goal kickers will be looking for jobs

It was a rough week for kickers. We saw a lot of missed field goals and more missed extra points.

Caleb Sturgis, recently signed by the Eagles, missed one of each and the Eagles lost by three points.

Jason Myers might have had an even worse day, missing two game winning field goals against the Colts.

I do want to make sure I talk about a kicker who probably won a lot of matchups for owners. The Chiefs Cairo Santos. He scored a ridiculous 27 standard points. It isn’t every week you talk about kickers being a difference makers in the Fantasy matchups, but in this case it was.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about kickers, but they are a position on most Fantasy teams, so it is worth mentioning that you may have to pay attention to the kicker on your team if you have one of the few who had really bad games this week.

6. Late inactive players ruin plans again

There was plenty of active/inactive news to come out after the 1PM games started Sunday.

Some of the players that were listed out after the fact were big names too, such as Marshawn Lynch and Andre Ellington. It was just one more reminder that if you plan to start a player who does not have a 1PM start time and is questionable, then you must have either his backup or somebody else who plays a late game to put in his place if he is indeed ruled out.

On the other side of that there were players who were listed as active after the 1PM start time, like Drew Brees and Ladarius Green. You likely planned ahead and found an alternative player to start in their place since their status had not been decided by the 1PM games. But then were forced to watch both players play well and probably better than your replacement.

I’m honestly not sure which case is worse. Having your player get ruled out and you having to play your replacement or watching your normal starter become active and watch them have a good game.

If you read up on all of our Week 4 advice, hopefully you were able to find a good replacement for those players and it was not a problem for you.

Here’s to hoping things return back to normal in Week 5. Be sure to visit us throughout the week to get the news and advice you need to set your lineups.


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