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The month of April is now officially in the books and one month of stats are now baked in for the 2016 season.

Which players highlighted the first Free Agent Acquisition Budget period of May in the National Fantasy Baseball Championship?

This week the most highly sought after sought position player was Derek Dietrich of the Miami Marlins, who is suddenly the beneficiary of at-bats in Miami now that All-Star 2B Dee Gordon is suspended for 80 games.

There was an assortment of interesting starting pitchers available this week and a temporary closer on the market.

When procuring talent on the waiver wire, team needs will skew a player’s value, especially in the wasteland of deeper leagues.

It’s time to survey the high stakes landscape and examine the cost of six players in the NFBC FAAB from Sunday night.

For this weekly exercise we focus on the National Fantasy Baseball Championship prestigious Main Event leagues for Free Agent Acquisition Budget winning bids.


Derek Dietrich, 3B/OF, Miami Marlins


Last weeks surprising news opened the door for Dietrich and opportunity is everything. Derek owns an intriguing skill set, especially from an infielder with eligibility at multiple positions. This player is by no means a savior, but someone who can provide value across categories.

Dietrich was purchased in 27 Main Event leagues and his average winning bid was $132.44. Derek should be atop the Marlins lineup, which I believe is an envious position.

• Minimum Winning Bid $40
• Maximum Winning Bid $237

I won Dietrich in my NFBC MTM Super league for $167 and Auction Championship league for $159.

Brandon Drury, 3B, Arizona Diamondbacks


Prior to Drury’s last five games where he homered in four of them, his price would’ve been a pure speculative bid but instead his cost climbed substantially.

Brandon was secured in 12 Main Event leagues and those owners didn’t hesitate to spend, with an average winning bid of $173.33, wow!

• Minimum Winning Bid $88
• Maximum Winning Bid $378

Is Drury for real? There are red flags concerning his game but chicks dig the long ball and obviously high stakes players as well.

April 27 to May 1 2016

• 20 AB
• 3.50 AVG
• 4 HR
• 6 RBI
• 0 BB
• 5 K

It is crowded in Arizona and Brandon will need to continue to hit, but he’s got your attention now.

Danny Santana, SS/OF, Minnesota Twins

When Byron Buxton was demoted, Santana was activated from the disabled list and has been regularly patrolling CF for the Twins in his absence.

Danny was widely available and procured in 24 Main Event leagues; his average winning bid was $86.29.

• Minimum Winning Bid $36
• Maximum Winning Bid $141

I passed on the opportunity to obtain Danny Santana’s services across a myriad of leagues.

Joe Smith, RP, Los Angeles Angels

Huston Street made his annual trip to the disabled list last week and Joe Smith inherited the closer’s role on a temporary basis.

Smith comes with skepticism but was accessible in 27 Main Event leagues and his average winning bid was $201.88, saves are precious commodities.

• Minimum Winning Bid $116
• Maximum Winning Bid $337

Joe Smith is by no means a lock down closer but the role is his for now.

I obtained Joe Smith in my NFBC MLB Contract league for $159, runner-up bid $154 but I may have buyers remorse already.

Jesse Hahn, SP, Oakland Athletics


Jesse Hahn made his 2016 debut April 30 but his availability was limited to only nine Main Event leagues. Hahn had an average winning bid of $100.44 and is an arm of interest going forward.

• Minimum Winning Bid $17
• Maximum Winning Bid $200

Jesse is a long-term play who could be a very profitable pitcher at seasons end but health is the major hurdle, not skill.

Sean Manaea, SP, Oakland Athletics

Mister Manaea was a limited edition free agent, accessible in only six Main Event leagues. Sean’s average winning bid was $192.66 as owners paid up for his potential.

• Minimum Winning Bid $109
• Maximum Winning Bid $323

The Manaea mania was launched April 29 at the Coliseum and the best is yet to come!

I’m happy to announce the Samoan Randy Johnson was on my benche across a multitude of leagues.

Check back next week to see what players are being purchased in the high stakes arena that is the NFBC FAAB.

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