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Hurry up and listen and I’ll catch you up on what this Fantasy Points Allowed by Position is. Basically it’s all Dennis Green. It is what it says it is. Confused? Only since I started typing? Fantasy Points Allowed by Position, or FPAbP if you like annoying acronyms, simply measures how many points each NFL defense allows to each offensive position.

The idea is that many NFL defenses are weak in certain areas. Maybe they get no pressure on the QB, leaving their secondary hanging in the breeze. Or they have an undersized D-line and get pounded on the ground. Either way these weaknesses are something we need to exploit for our DFS gain. Using FPAbP to identify beneficial matchups helps us save money at some slots and spend big where we need to.

Is Week 2 too early to start drawing conclusions about a few NFL defenses? Maybe in a few cases, but I’m pretty sure we’ve got a few defenses pretty well figured out already.

That Pittsburgh defense, which has been dominant since forever, is getting burned through the air and it doesn’t look like they have the personnel to change it anytime soon. This week the Rams get their shot at the porous Pittsburgh secondary. Is Nick Foles a nice DFS sleeper for the week? That’s your call, but it’s not a bad place to start looking.

Meanwhile the Broncos are allowing less than 5.0 Fantasy points a game to QBs so far. That number will go up, but I’m not targeting Matthew Stafford this week.

I didn’t realize that teams actually still ran the ball in the NFL until I saw that the Falcons are allowing over 30 Fantasy points a game to running backs. And that’s after playing the Eagles and Giants, two teams not know for their running games. Think the Cowboys and their offensive line might do some damage this week?

As far as wide receivers go, the Chiefs and Bears have been scorched. We expected this from the Bears, but KC’s defense was supposed to be better. If Brian Hoyer and an aging Peyton Manning can do that kind of damage, what will Aaron Rodgers do this weekend?

Tight ends? I see some breakouts in progress, but I’m not sure we can blame it on any particular defenses just yet. Just go with Gronk or save some money and throw a dart between Travis Kelce and Tyler Eifert.

Below is the Fantasy Points Allowed by Position data, customized for five different DFS sites. Use it to find low priced values and the studs with the best matchups each week. With just two weeks in the books you probably want to see Fantasy Points Allowed by Position for the 2014 season as well.

2015 Fantasy Points Allowed by Position After Week 2

[su_tabs][su_tabs] [su_tab title=”FanDuel”]

 Arizona Cardinals15.524.527.96.3
 Atlanta Falcons18.731.827.89.4
 Baltimore Ravens16.615.640.23.3
 Buffalo Bills24.016.239.318.4
 Carolina Panthers15.615.525.69.6
 Chicago Bears22.617.844.32.6
 Cincinnati Bengals16.528.922.84.4
 Cleveland Browns17.126.924.924.9
 Dallas Cowboys10.216.319.55.8
 Denver Broncos4.922.97.69.8
 Detroit Lions20.129.427.413.7
 Green Bay Packers19.121.820.910.1
 Houston Texans25.817.720.317.8
 Indianapolis Colts16.621.131.36.3
 Jacksonville Jaguars18.815.127.49.8
 Kansas City Chiefs21.19.747.68.0
 Miami Dolphins15.713.931.417.6
 Minnesota Vikings15.623.521.012.8
 New England Patriots23.022.138.811.3
 New Orleans Saints23.124.325.310.5
 New York Giants21.327.130.619.8
 New York Jets15.710.030.99.5
 Oakland Raiders20.729.024.925.8
 Philadelphia Eagles17.817.133.48.3
 Pittsburgh Steelers27.114.131.724.4
 San Diego Chargers18.727.618.913.1
 San Francisco 49ers18.122.535.18.6
 Seattle Seahawks21.614.024.716.0
 St. Louis Rams14.127.422.212.7
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers18.827.632.08.5
 Tennessee Titans15.614.920.813.9
 Washington Redskins11.98.820.59.3
FanDuel Scoring: Passing TD = 4 pts. | Pass Yds. = .04 | Int. = -1 | Rush TD = 6 pts. | Rush Yds. = .10 | Rec. = .50 | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | 2 pt. Conv. = 2 pts. [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”DraftKings”]
 Arizona Cardinals17.029.333.98.6
 Atlanta Falcons20.237.838.311.7
 Baltimore Ravens18.117.952.75.0
 Buffalo Bills25.519.048.823.7
 Carolina Panthers15.619.533.410.6
 Chicago Bears22.618.652.83.6
 Cincinnati Bengals16.534.228.56.1
 Cleveland Browns17.128.929.429.9
 Dallas Cowboys10.219.524.78.1
 Denver Broncos4.928.210.112.0
 Detroit Lions21.633.436.116.2
 Green Bay Packers19.126.125.412.1
 Houston Texans25.820.524.622.3
 Indianapolis Colts16.623.438.68.3
 Jacksonville Jaguars20.318.836.911.5
 Kansas City Chiefs21.110.760.89.7
 Miami Dolphins15.716.439.122.1
 Minnesota Vikings15.627.727.515.8
 New England Patriots24.525.148.014.3
 New Orleans Saints24.626.329.812.3
 New York Giants24.331.640.623.3
 New York Jets15.712.038.612.5
 Oakland Raiders22.233.032.931.0
 Philadelphia Eagles17.819.441.111.8
 Pittsburgh Steelers28.617.141.227.9
 San Diego Chargers18.732.322.215.1
 San Francisco 49ers19.625.342.910.6
 Seattle Seahawks21.616.032.418.5
 St Louis Rams14.131.929.915.7
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers18.829.439.210.3
 Tennessee Titans15.615.925.816.9
 Washington Redskins11.910.825.811.8
DraftKings Scoring: Passing TD = 4 pts. | Pass Yds. = .04 |300 Yd Pass = 3 pts. | Int. = -1 | Rush TD = 6 pts. | Rush Yds. = .10 | 100 Yd Rush = 3 pts. | Rec. = 1 pt. | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | 100 Yd Rec = 3 pts. | 2 pt. Conv. = 2 pts. [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”FantasyAces”]
 Arizona Cardinals17.024.527.96.3
 Atlanta Falcons20.931.827.89.4
 Baltimore Ravens18.315.640.23.3
 Buffalo Bills26.516.239.318.4
 Carolina Panthers16.315.525.69.6
 Chicago Bears24.017.844.32.6
 Cincinnati Bengals17.828.922.84.4
 Cleveland Browns18.826.924.924.9
 Dallas Cowboys11.316.319.55.8
 Denver Broncos4.522.97.69.8
 Detroit Lions21.929.427.413.7
 Green Bay Packers20.221.820.910.1
 Houston Texans27.517.720.317.8
 Indianapolis Colts18.321.131.36.3
 Jacksonville Jaguars21.
 Kansas City Chiefs23.19.747.68.0
 Miami Dolphins17.013.931.417.6
 Minnesota Vikings17.323.521.012.8
 New England Patriots24.022.138.811.3
 New Orleans Saints25.724.325.310.5
 New York Giants23.927.130.619.8
 New York Jets16.
 Oakland Raiders23.529.024.925.8
 Philadelphia Eagles19.717.133.48.3
 Pittsburgh Steelers30.214.131.724.4
 San Diego Chargers20.027.618.913.1
 San Francisco 49ers20.622.535.18.6
 Seattle Seahawks24.414.024.716.0
 St. Louis Rams15.927.422.212.7
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers20.627.632.08.5
 Tennessee Titans16.514.920.813.9
 Washington Redskins13.88.820.59.3
Fantasy Aces Scoring: Passing TD = 4 pts. | Pass Yds. = .05 | Int. = -2 | Rush TD = 6 pts. | Rush Yds. = .10 | Rec. = .5 | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | 2 pt. Conv. = 2 pts [/su_tab]  [su_tab title=”Draftster”]
 Arizona Cardinals17.029.333.911.6
 Atlanta Falcons20.237.838.311.7
 Baltimore Ravens18.117.952.75.0
 Buffalo Bills25.519.048.822.2
 Carolina Panthers15.619.533.413.6
 Chicago Bears22.618.652.85.1
 Cincinnati Bengals16.534.228.57.6
 Cleveland Browns17.128.929.432.9
 Dallas Cowboys10.219.524.79.6
 Denver Broncos4.929.710.113.5
 Detroit Lions21.633.436.117.7
 Green Bay Packers19.126.125.415.1
 Houston Texans25.820.524.620.8
 Indianapolis Colts16.624.938.617.3
 Jacksonville Jaguars20.318.836.911.5
 Kansas City Chiefs21.110.760.89.7
 Miami Dolphins15.716.439.122.1
 Minnesota Vikings15.627.727.517.3
 New England Patriots24.525.148.017.3
 New Orleans Saints24.629.329.812.3
 New York Giants24.331.640.623.3
 New York Jets15.712.038.612.5
 Oakland Raiders22.233.032.929.5
 Philadelphia Eagles17.819.441.114.8
 Pittsburgh Steelers28.617.141.229.4
 San Diego Chargers18.732.322.215.1
 San Francisco 49ers19.625.342.912.1
 Seattle Seahawks21.616.032.418.5
 St Louis Rams14.131.929.915.7
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers18.829.439.211.8
 Tennessee Titans15.615.925.815.4
 Washington Redskins11.910.825.814.8
Draftster Scoring: Passing TD = 4 pts. | Pass Yds. = .04 |300 Yd Pass = 3 pts. | Int. = -1 | Rush TD = 6 pts. | Rush Yds. = .10 | 100 Yd Rush = 3 pts. | Rec. = 1 pt. | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | 100 Yd Rec = 3 pts. | 2 pt. Conv. = 2 pts. [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”FanThrowdown”]
 Arizona Cardinals15.529.333.98.6
 Atlanta Falcons18.737.835.311.7
 Baltimore Ravens16.617.949.75.0
 Buffalo Bills24.019.048.822.2
 Carolina Panthers15.619.533.410.6
 Chicago Bears22.618.651.33.6
 Cincinnati Bengals16.534.228.56.1
 Cleveland Browns17.128.929.429.9
 Dallas Cowboys10.219.524.78.1
 Denver Broncos4.926.710.112.0
 Detroit Lions20.131.934.616.2
 Green Bay Packers19.124.625.412.1
 Houston Texans25.820.524.620.8
 Indianapolis Colts16.623.437.18.3
 Jacksonville Jaguars18.818.833.911.5
 Kansas City Chiefs21.110.757.89.7
 Miami Dolphins15.714.937.622.1
 Minnesota Vikings15.626.227.515.8
 New England Patriots23.023.646.514.3
 New Orleans Saints23.126.329.812.3
 New York Giants21.331.639.123.3
 New York Jets15.712.037.112.5
 Oakland Raiders20.733.031.429.5
 Philadelphia Eagles17.819.439.611.8
 Pittsburgh Steelers27.117.139.727.9
 San Diego Chargers18.730.822.215.1
 San Francisco 49ers18.125.341.410.6
 Seattle Seahawks21.616.030.918.5
 St. Louis Rams14.130.429.915.7
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers18.829.437.710.3
 Tennessee Titans15.615.924.315.4
 Washington Redskins11.910.825.811.8
Fan Throwdown Scoring: Passing TD = 4 pts. | Pass Yds. = .04 | Int. = -1 | Rush TD = 6 pts. | Rush Yds. = .10 | Rec. = 1.0 | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | Rec. TD = 6 pts. | 2 pt. Conv. = 2 pts. [/su_tab]  [/su_tabs]

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